Monday, February 2, 2009

Questions for LOST

NY Mag did this great article titled Twenty Questions the Fifth Season of Lost Must Answer.

And here they are...

1. Why does everyone need to go back to the island together?
2. How, practically, are Jack and Ben supposed to move Locke's corpse back to the island?
3. Why did Locke change his name?
4. Also, why did Locke commit suicide?
5. What were the very bad things?
6. How big was the settlement from Oceanic Airlines?
7. What did Sun buy her father's company?
8. Was Charlotte really born on the island?
9. What really happened when Ben turned the wheel?
10. So how did a DHARMA Initiative polar bear wind up in Tunisia?
11. What's up with that four-toed statue?
12. Is Jin really dead?
13. What the hell happened to Claire?
14. Will we finally learn the secret of the smoke monster?
15. Who is Matthew Abaddon?
16. Why does the ghost of Jack's dead keep appearing to everyone?
17. Why does Jacob's cabin keep moving? And is Locke secretly Jacob?
18. What did Sawyer ask Kate to do once she got off the island?
19. Why is Ben making Sayid kill people?
20. Who is Richard Alpert?

To find their theories to the above questions, check out the article here.