Saturday, June 20, 2009

food & drink entertainment ideas

after-dinner mint

For a new take on traditional after-dinner mint chocolates, fill the bottom of each glass with chopped chocolate biscuits and top with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Crush peppermint-flavoured boiled sweets and sprinkle over the top. As the ice-cream softens your guests will get spoonfuls of all the flavours mixed together.

brioche ice-cream doughnuts

Dessert is made extra-simple and super-quick with these ice-cream filled brioches. Cut circles out of the tops of each brioche and remove some of the middle. Fill the hole with a scoop of your favourite ice-cream and serve immediately. They are an ideal dessert to serve at a cocktail or drinks party. If you can’t find brioche, use plain sweet buns.

one fine wine

You've cooked a delicate fish curry, but your friends have brought a bottle of shiraz. Although there is no doubt it's a great drop, it's just too heavy for the subtle aromas and spices you've used in the dish. Here's what to do. To show your friends that you appreciate their offering, make a label with their names on it and attach to the bottle using an elastic band before cellaring. Next time they drop around for dinner you can retrieve the bottle and share the wine with them. If you're the wine giver and your choice isn't a suitable accompaniment, suggest to your host they put your wine away for next time using this method. So much classier than taking it home.

self-serve ice-cream bar

Make a self-serve ice-cream bar for your guests. Purchase tubs of ice-cream in assorted flavours and chop up different chocolates and sweets, such as chocolate-covered honeycomb and malt balls, and set up on a table so everyone can add what they like to their favourite ice-cream. Chocolate fudge sauce, shredded coconut and toasted nuts are also great toppings.

for the entire list, check out donna hay's special made simple site here.