Monday, January 26, 2009

FM 94/9 on youe iPhone

For those in the San Diego area, and for those who have an iPhone, check out the press release below:
FM 94/9 is pleased to announce that listeners will be able to access a full station stream on their iPhone or iPod Touch. In an ever-evolving world, FM 94/9 continues to innovate as the first station in San Diego to offer this technology to its listeners. The App puts FM 94/9 directly on the iPhone desktop, instead of being buried in a list with hundreds of other radio stations. With one tap of the finger, a listener can easily stream FM 94/9 anywhere they have wireless internet access, even when out of the range of the terrestrial signal.

“We are excited to be able to provide this new listening application for FM 94/9 listeners. As a radio station that strives to be on the technology forefront, we believe that this will be a great way for our local San Diego audience to be able to take FM 94/9 wherever they go using the most popular mobile device,” said Garett Michaels, FM 94/9 Program Director.

Get it here: