Friday, April 24, 2009

Dynamite Walls

A local band here in San Diego, Dynamite Walls, has been on many people's radar these past few years as the next ones to 'make it big'. While I have yet to hear much about them outside of San Diego, they are a beloved band by many locals. This video below is somewhat reminiscent of Dashboard (gasp, ugh, Dashboard, but better, believe me).

Local boys Dynamite Walls may be the type of band that can appeal to everyone in the car. With an indie-rock formula that has hooks as well as genuine emotion, it's hard to envision anyone desperately reaching for the iPod dock. With a new album that has enough buzz to garner attention from MTV2, as well as land the band a residency at O.C.'s Detroit Bar, they just might be San Diego's breakout act in '09.

But it's their live show, where frontman Tom Pritchard's soaring falsetto truly affects, that the band really shines. Songs like "Mystery" and the gorgeous single "Kiss and Ride" channel prime Dashboard Confessional, while "Razorback" is a terse send-up a la Kings of Leon about an "out of control" girl who drinks too much and wants all the attention. Who can't relate to that?

While refraining from quoting JJ's tagline, it's still safe to say that Dynamite Walls is good times, indeed. Well, forget it, they'setre Dy-no-mite!

via: sign on sandiego