Friday, June 5, 2009

Tim Burton's latest

"After the world ended, their mission began" is the bold tagline for the forthcoming Tim Burton-produced apocalyptic animated epic, 9.

Burton's latest effort works off a familiar premise―the apocalypse comes and goes, and in its wake, a handful of Earth's sole survivors attempt to save the planet from the looming entire destruction of their entire home at the hands of bizarre monsters―but twisted and turned in numerous exciting ways (and that's not just because Elijah Wood is the voice of the timid yet heart-of-steel hero a la The Lord of the Rings). We assume The Nine―burlap-covered robots (?) created by a mad scientist before the human race's extinction―do indeed vanquish the bat-shit crazy bottomless-pit-bellied monsters, but other than that, we can't throw you too much more information. Oh, there is one other thing: expect Mission Impossible-style explosions all over the place. John C. Riley, Jennifer Connelly, Crispin Glover (perfect!), and Martin Landau star. (via anthem magazine)