Monday, November 23, 2009

Rainbow Cake

This cake would have been perfect for my Rainbow Brite birthday party when I was 5.

For the recipe click here.
And in case you want a rundown on those beloved characters from the mid-80s, here you go:

  • Rainbow Brite (originally named Wisp before taking this name) and her white sprite Twink. In one of the books, it is revealed that Twink used to be red, until villain Murky Dismal threw him into The Pits, which drained him of his colors.
  • Starlite is Rainbow Brite's talking, flying horse, who calls himself "the most magnificent horse in the universe". He is white with a yellow star on his forehead, and his mane and tail are rainbow-colored.
Color Kids
  • The names of each Color Kid's head Sprite is in parentheses, although several more named Sprites exist. Except where noted, each Sprite is the color of the Color Kid he or she belongs to. Sprites all look identical except for their colors, and in some cases, antennae. Regular Sprites have star antennae.

  • Red Butler (Romeo) - Brave adventurer.
  • Lala Orange (OJ) (in the 2004 merchandise line, OJ's name is Mango) - Has a crush on Red.
  • Canary Yellow (Spark) - Happy go-lucky.
  • Patty O'Green (Lucky) - Plucky prankster and tomboy.
  • Buddy Blue (Champ) - Loves sports and exercise .
  • Indigo (Hammy) - Likes to sing and dance.
  • Shy Violet (IQ)- Ultra-intelligent, creates devices and can fix space ships.