Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sons of Anarchy

Once Mad Men ended for the season I resorted to my good DVR/On Demand stand bys: True Blood, Californication, the occasional Entourage, and plenty of Jon Stewart and Colbert Report. But the other day I was flipping through the DVR list I noticed I was way behind on my Sons of Anarchy. This was a show my roommate and I were initially very excited about but one thing led to another a.k.a. life and we became sidetracked. So it was a pleasant surprise to find quite a few episodes to catch up on.

And now my obsession has been reignited. With last week’s episode “The Sleep of Babies” I have officially pledged myself a loyal viewer to Sons and anticipate this week’s season finale with much enthusiasm. Now granted I might be in the honeymoon phase of my devotion to the series but I really do believe this one has the potential for a long lasting relationship.

According to an article "Think Hamlet on Harleys" in the October 2008 LA times, Sons has been among the most consistent first-year dramas for the 14-year-old FX network. Thanks to its steady weekly audience of about 5 million viewers, the Wednesday night show was picked up for a second season after just four episodes.

It was the unexploited and darker elements of this renegade subculture that drove (Kurt) Sutter to create "Sons of Anarchy," a drama about a gun-running motorcycle club doling out eye-for-an-eye justice in a small California town. The show's ensemble cast features Hunnam** as a swaggering, if pretty-faced, bad boy; Perlman as his tough-as-nails stepfather; and Katey Sagal as the club's leather-and-lace matriarch -- a woman who won't let anything get in the way of her family, least of all her conscience.

Peel back the leather and silence the loud pipes, and you've got a bunch of guys and their "old ladies" who are just trying to get by and do the right thing.
Here's a clip from last week's episode... the intro and outro of the episode featured an awesome cover of "Forever Young"........

Watch full episodes of Sons for free on hulu.com and be sure to tune in this Wednesday night to FX. Cheers.

(**a little bit of .......Charlie Hunnam +Woody Allen + Michael Cera + Tom Brokaw+ Stephen Colbert + Charlie Gibson + Clint Eastwood = weak in the knees)