Sunday, April 5, 2009

Top 10 Things Women Love...

... in a man's house according to I've made a few side comments on a couple of these.

10. Something homemade
This will indicate that you have some sort of talent, and if it’s not very flattering, you can always make a joke about it, explaining that this is why you are not a carpenter. Either way, if you have fun with it, she will too.

9. An interactive videogame
It used to be that a video game system was a major turnoff to women, as she’d imagine losing her man to hours of nerd-fests with other zombie-like males. However, video games have recently become much more interactive and fun for everyone.
-- Wii golf or bowling. Gold star.

8. A cool cooking appliance
Have at least one unique cooking appliance in your kitchen. - panini press, an espresso machine or an ice-cream maker - Having one of these will give her the hint that there is more to you than meets the eye, and that you can do more in the kitchen than make toast.

7. Balance Board
She’ll see it and want to try it because it sounds challenging, yet fun. When she gets on it, she’ll grab onto your hands for balance -- nice.
-- really? oh please...

6. Interesting or funny coffee table books
Take a trip to a funky neighborhood and grab some interesting books to put on your coffee table.
-- 2 Gold Stars

5. Bottles of wine
Buy a wine rack and stock it with several bottles of wine. They don’t have to be expensive; you can get decent wines for under $20. I don’t need to tell you that it’s much classier to offer her a glass of wine than a beer. As a bonus, get a cool bottle opener.
-- Wine is always great. So is a beer. Just by offering something you can't really go wrong.

4. A collage of pictures
The collage as a whole should tell a story. For example, put up pictures of places you’ve been around the world. She’ll be sure to ask lots of questions about the places you’ve been and maybe she will have even been to one of the places herself. Also, somewhere in your house, be sure to put up pictures of your family and pictures of you when you were younger... paves the way for interesting conversation.

3. A pet
This one is almost common sense because everyone knows that women love animals. If you’re not a dog or cat person, consider getting a fish tank. Having any kind of a pet -- even fish -- subtly signals to her that you are responsible and a good provider, which are two things women are instinctively programmed to look for in a man.
-- I'll pass on the fish thank you very much. Dogs only.

2. A musical instrument
If you have musical talents you are in great shape when it comes to having a woman over at your place. Keep your instrument of choice in plain view to spark her attention. If you aren’t musically talented, try something like bongos or get your hands on a cowbell.

1. A zen garden
For some reason, women love these little decorations of rocks and sand. I realize this sounds ridiculous, but wait till you try it -- and wait till you have a woman over to your house and she sees it.
-- No, that is ridiculous. This is no.1 ? Really?