Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday Morning* Memo

Brooke and I are out of commission today. The weekend must have taken a toll on us. Either that, or just the typical Monday blues....Weekend Recap:

Brooke.. It's the end of an era... my dear friend Anthony will be moving to Chicago tomorrow. In sending him off in true William Fremd style.. we went out Friday night to Winston's. There aren't really words that can describe all that ensued but regardless, Anthony will be missed dearly. Saturday night continued the weekend with Mike, Alex and I heading over to Barney's Beanery to watch the Cubs end their season. While Alex proudly sported his White Sox hat... Mike and I represented Wrigley's finest amongst the Dodgers fans. 5+ hours later we accepted defeat and declared that next year is it, next year will be the year. I stand behind that.

Other than that, Molly and I were talking and feeling a little bit nostalgic for Austin and the our friends from college... with all the growing excitement for the big Red River Rivalry this weekend in Dallas aka the TX vs. OU game. A ton of our friends are headed to Dallas for all of the festivities that are known as OU weekend but unfortunately neither of us will be making the trek.