Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Morning* Memo

What a weekend... some highlights and random thoughts ...

The Texas vs. OU game
Hook 'em Horns! What an upset!!! Coming in with the No. 5 Longhorns versus the No. 1 Oklahoma Sooners.... we knew it was going to be a good game (fingers crossed) but now we KNOW it was a great game. The Longhorns trailed Oklahoma until the fourth quarter when quarterback Colt McCoy led us to a 45-35 win. According to ... "The last time Texas came out of this game undefeated was 2005, the season that ended with the Rose Bowl win and national title. And the last time the Longhorns knocked off the Sooners when they were No. 1 was 1963, the year Darrell Royal won his first national championship." Hmmmm...... don't want to get our hopes up but this season looks verrry promising. (It's all I have to hold onto other than the Bears now that my dear Cubs are out)

San Francisco

Molly here... I had to jump in on this MMM in order to explain that I've fallen in love. Fallen back in love with San Francisco that is. I lived up in city last summer for 3-4ish months while completing my internship at an ad agency. Living in San Fran was an absolute incredible experience. The food, the bars, the clubs, the shops, the streets, the bus, the people... o the memories. Granted, as everyone knows, it was the coldest summer of my life. And I am a typical so cal beach girl, but all other factors combined outweighs that small fact. Brooke and I have decided when we take our next big step in life, it will takes us up to San Fran. Wine tasting in Napa and Sonoma are an hour away, you can hop on a ferry and have lunch in Tiburon at Sams, take the bus down to Union Square with all the tourists, have a happy hour drink at Americano in the Embarcadero or just take a break from it all at Chrissy Field. We have to set a time-line for the big move, but it is going to happen.

The first time Brooke was in SF.. over a year ago. How can you not fall in love with a place like this?

Back to Brooke...
Check out Ghostland Observatory for a Monday midday pick me up....
only because I kid you not, they were in my dream last night. I can't remember who I was with but we were at a music festival... reminiscent of ACL but it wasn't. Ghostland was on stage and it was amazing. Woke up nostalgic for ACL 2007. Based out of Austin (yeah!) Aaron Behrens and Thomas Turner comprise the group. Check out their famous Sad Sad City or Vibrate below. "Well I need you to want me to hold me to tell me the truth...." The first YouTube is by no means the best... the shakiness of it might actually make you quesy but I wanted to attempt to relay the atmostphere during their set. During this song, there was an energy that I've found few other bands able to produce.

Vibrate... a perfect example of why I love them... and Aaron's dancing.