Saturday, December 13, 2008

News Anchor, Brian Williams

One of my all time favorite news anchors is Brian Williams. He's charismatic, passionate, witty, irreverent and a college drop out. Well, technically he left college to take on an internship with the administration of Jimmy Carter. The broad array of passions that make him bubble excitedly in person—from U.S. history to dirt-track stock-car racing—save him from ever seeming aloof and too self-important on air. It's obvious that he deeply cares about his job and about the stories he reports.

What instigated this post... I was home sick the past week and watched way too much daytime TV (Martha Stewart, Opera, Take Home Chef, etc). He appeared on the Ellen show and did not disappoint. I won't hold it against him he makes near $10 million a year. He's charming and handsome. Who wouldn't pay that much to have him on their network?
(photo via TIME)