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Steven Alan Fall Preview

Can't wait for the Fall collection from Steven Alan!

District 9 Viral Marketing

I love the viral marketing campaign for the upcoming movie District 9..... for awhile I would see these around LA and was clueless to their significance. Yes, I was too lazy to look up the website. However, after seeing the trailer for the movie I finally got it. Anyway, such a cool campaign.

(photos via FilmJunk)

Paid to live on an island

How did I miss out on this contest? PAID to live on an island and blog... weekly!

The Best Job in the World
One Man Is Being Paid $110,000 to Live on an Australian Island Resort and Blog About It, Weekly

May 6, 2009—

"It's probably the best job in the world, now that the Australian tourism bureau has finally selected somebody to live on an island and write about life as a beach bum.

The new hire will get to live in a fantastic house on a paradise island in Australia's Great Barrier Reef for six months and get paid $110,000 to do it. The only requirement: write a weekly blog. That's right, weekly, not even daily.

Within the first 48 hours of the contest, the tourism group received more than 7,500 online applications. In the end, 34,000 people applied. Each made a 60-second video resume. They were told to be creative and they were.

Sixteen finalists flew to Australia for the final, "grueling" selection. Let's just say, it involved massages.

The job requirements are quite simple: The ability to speak English and swim.

The contest is part of a publicity stunt to drum up tourism in the area.

Tourism Queensland CEO Anthony Hayes said the idea has helped inject millions of dollars into the industry during a tough period.

"We think we've just ticked over $110 million in international publicity and probably another, hopefully, $20 or $30 million coming this week," Hayes said.

The tourism bureau announced the winner this morning : Ben Southall, a 34-year-old Brit who claims he once kissed a giraffe.

"Well, it's going to be tough; yes, it's going to be horrible learning how to sail, how to dive, to go bush walking," Southall said.

As caretaker, Southall will live at Blue Pearl, "a beautiful three-bedroom home on Hamilton Island featuring stunning views of the Whitsunday Islands, modern facilities and exquisite furnishings."

"I hope I can sell the reef as much as everybody is expecting," Southall told Reuters after he was crowned the winner at a ceremony on Hamilton Island. "My swimming, hopefully, is up to standard."

Southall once worked as a tour guide in Africa, but most recently has worked as a charity fundraiser. In his application video, he expressed a love for adventure, and featured photographs of himself riding an ostrich, running a marathon, scuba diving and kissing a giraffe."

Read the rest of the ABCNews story here....

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Mad Men

Mad Men's Season 3 premiere is just around the corner.. August 16th (a week from Sunday)!!!

AMC has a program on their website that let's you Mad Men yourself - just for fun ...



(via forme-foryou)

The Yellow Bird Project

A friend of mine just directed me to the Yellow Bird Project. After spending all morning browsing the entire site and blog, I've joined and vow to fully support their cause.

A Montreal-based nonprofit called Yellow Bird Project. They work with an amazing range of indie rock musicians to create unique t-shirt designs that benefit an array of charities, each chosen by the musicians.

Some of the Musicians Participating:
Bon Iver, Broken Social Scene, Au Revoire Simone, The Shins, Of Montreal ...

Take a minute and take a look. Seems like a great thing to get involved in.
Yellow Bird Project

Bon Iver Short Documentary

makes me love him even more ...


I think if I’ve learned anything about friendship, it’s to hang in, stay connected, fight for them, and let them fight for you. Don’t walk away, don’t be distracted, don’t be too busy or too tired, don’t take them for granted. Friends are part of the glue that holds life and faith together. Powerful stuff." - John Katz

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I heart hot air balloons...

UCLA's Slang Book

Bone up on your college slang with a UCLA book that spells out the lingo kids often use. Learn about fro-yo, the awkward turtle, bromances and walks of shame. Continue reading USA Today article here.

Some of the dopest words in UCLA slang 6:

Awkward turtle: Comment made in an awkward situation, normally not addressed to the one causing the awkwardness.

Blaze: To smoke marijuana.

Bromance: Extremely close platonic friendship between two males.

Epic fail: What a mistake! What a failure! Oops!

Fro-yo: Frozen yogurt.

Man crush: Guy that a guy believes he'd have a crush on if he was a girl or gay.

Roll mad deep: To go out with a large bunch of people.

Sister from another mister: Very close female friend who resembles a close sibling in feeling

Skrilla: Money

Spit game at; spit some game at: To flirt with (someone), try to get (someone) interested in you.

Walk of shame: Walk back home after spending the night with a guy.

Tiny House

On the banks of the Khan River in Laos

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Yum! Strawberry Lemonade

This recipe for strawberry lemonade from Nicole over on So Haute! looks divine... Click the link for instructions and more photos!

Sweet Summer Strawberry Lemonade
5-6 large lemons

1 lb strawberries

5 cups cold water (approx)

A concoction of simple syrup made from 1 1/2 cups sugar dissolved into 1 cup of warm water.

Compact fluorescent light bulbs

This past weekend I took on the project of replacing all the burnt light bulbs throughout our house. Attempting to be an eco-friendly consumer I picked up a 10 pack of these light bulbs from Costco. However, my neighbor informed me that if any one of the light bulbs were to break... they release toxic mercury vapors. Oh great. Our conversation prompted further research... check it out. Not sure how conclusive any of it really is but it's still wise to be informed. From

"A compact fluorescent light is a type of energy-saving bulb that fits into a standard light bulb socket or plugs into a small lighting fixture, and right now, compact fluorescents seem to be gaining in popularity. But did you know they can also be toxic to your home and the environment?

Fluorescent lights are filled with a gas containing low-pressure mercury vapor and argon, or sometimes even krypton. The inner surface of the bulb is coated with a fluorescent coating made of varying blends of metallic and rare earth phosphor salts. Fluorescent light bulbs are more energy efficient than incandescent light bulbs of an equivalent brightness, and the efficiency of fluorescent lighting owes much to low-pressure mercury photon discharges. But fluorescents don't produce a steady light, and they burn out more quickly when cycled frequently; they also contain items such as fluorine, neon, and lead powder as well as mercury.

Measuring the environmental impact of mercury use in a particular product is more complicated than you might think. Mercury is an essential element in millions of fluorescent lamps throughout the world, and as those lamps are thrown into landfill, the mercury can escape and contribute to air and water pollution. (It can easily leach into groundwater supplies.)

According to, each year an estimated 600 million fluorescent lamps are disposed of in U.S. landfills, amounting to 30,000 pounds of mercury waste. Astonishingly, that's almost half the amount of mercury emitted into the atmosphere by coal-fired power plants each year. It only takes 4mg of mercury to contaminate up to 7,000 gallons of freshwater, meaning that the 30,000 pounds of mercury thrown away in compact fluorescent light bulbs each year is enough to pollute nearly every lake, pond, river and stream in North America (not to mention the oceans).

Controlling the waste
Many state governing agencies have adopted their own regulations regarding the disposal of fluorescent lights. In California, Minnesota, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin, it is unlawful for anyone to dispose of fluorescent bulbs as universal waste. These laws are based on the well-documented toxicity of the heavy metal mercury.

Mercury (also called 'quicksilver') is a heavy, silvery transition metal most commonly found in thermometers, barometers, and other scientific apparatus. It is used in the electrical industry and in laboratory and medical instruments. Mercury is a known neurotoxin, and elevated blood mercury levels may lead to retardation and deformities in children. Chest pains, dyspnea, coughing, hemoptysis, and sometimes interstitial pneumonitis leading to death may follow acute inhalation exposure to mercury vapor. In America, 1 in 6 children born every year have been exposed to mercury levels so high that they are potentially at risk for learning disabilities, motor skill impairment and short-term memory loss.

If Americans adopt the use of even more compact fluorescent light bulbs, this ratio is like to substantially grow. Breaking one mercury light bulb in your home can contaminate your home to such a degree that hazardous materials experts are needed to remove the mercury. (At great cost, too. A typical mercury removal effort involving the breaking of a single fluorescent light can cost several thousand dollars.) The idea of allowing mercury to be placed in an easily breakable consumer product is fraught with public safety risks. In fact, it required a special exemption from the EPA to allow mercury-fluorescent lamps to be sold to consumers in the first place."

Perfect Figure

“ALL FIGURED OUT–This chart is used by judges as [a] guide in picking Miss Universe. First six show figure flaws, seventh is perfectly proportioned. (1) Shoulders too square. (2) Shoulders too sloping. (3) Hips too wide. (4) Shoulder bones too pronounced. (5) Shoulders and back hunched. (6) Legs irregular, with spaces at calves, knees, thighs. (7) The form divine, needs only a beautiful face.” (via: rachel hills)

Roadside Photographs

(spotted on Santa Barbara Wedding Chic)

Monday, July 27, 2009

"When, Oh When, Will HELP be WANTED?"

Great article from the NY Times my dad sent me.... loved the chart (for a bigger/clearer version: click the link and click on the multimedia box in the left hand column)

"The nation’s economists are cautiously crawling out of their bunkers. The guns of recession are quieter now, and in the relative calm, there is talk of recovery — vague talk so far, particularly on the subject of hiring, lots of hiring.

Recessions have their milestones. There is the start, of course, in this case December 2007; the worst months, the winter and spring of this year; the gradual return to economic expansion, late this year maybe; and, finally, adding jobs.

That last one is a tough call, because this recession in some very important ways is not only deeper than any we’ve had since the 1930s but is particularly hard on family income and savings. And without family income and savings, consumption — and the jobs it produces — are put off.

Most Americans don’t consider a recession really over until work is once again plentiful, and the unemployment rate — which is now at 9.5 percent — finally starts going down. Ask economists when that will occur this time and they hesitate. No sooner than next summer, nearly all of them say. And that’s a guess, verging on wishful thinking.

“It is going to take a while for manufacturing and construction to stop losing jobs, and it will take time for businesses to be confident enough to go out and hire,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s, who says the necessary confidence won’t return before next summer.

When it does, the hiring is likely to be spotty and cautious. Health care and education, for example, have added workers throughout the recession and as that steady hiring continues in post-recession America, the overall job numbers will finally begin to rise — not from a surge in the hiring of health care workers and teachers, but because fewer and fewer jobs will be disappearing in other sectors.

“You are combining a very deep recession with what at this point looks like a sluggish recovery,” said Jan Hatzius, chief domestic economist at Goldman Sachs.

Steep recessions — and few in American history have been steeper than this one — are usually followed by vigorous, steep recoveries that include job growth, particularly in manufacturing and retailing, as people make purchases they had put off. The result is a chain reaction in which stores reorder, factories hum and workers are hired. Satisfying pent-up demand, this process is called.

But this time is clearly different. The pent-up demand is not present — not with 6.46 million jobs gone in just 18 months and hundreds of billions of dollars in wages extinguished. Credit is harder than ever to get for those who might want to spend again, and there are fewer and fewer spenders. People who do have jobs are saving (not spending) more of their incomes than they have in years, trying to replenish wealth lost in the stock market and in the declining value of their homes.

And, perhaps most important, millions of workers on short schedules will very likely get their hours back before their bosses hire new people.

“We are talking the equivalent of adding back four to five million jobs just by restoring hours lost in this recession,” said Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic Policy and Research. “That process of adding back hours won’t start before next June,” he says, “and I’m not confident it will begin even that soon.”

So much for a surge in hiring or spending. If there is what seems like a job surge next April and May, that will be because the Census Bureau is hiring 1.2 million census takers in those months for the 2010 census. The work is part time, but it will bolster the national employment rolls — only to be subtracted once the work is done in July.

Coming out of steep recessions in the past, home building, like manufacturing, flourished and the hiring of construction workers surged. Nearly half a million construction jobs returned after the steep 1981-1982 recession. Not this time. Too many homes were built during the bubble years before 2008, and too many office buildings. The glut has to be worked off before there is much new construction, or hiring.

The recovery, then, given the circumstances, is likely to come not with job growth, but “a diminution in job loss,” as Mr. Hatzius put it. Like some other forecasters, he expects the economy to start growing by the end of the year.

Maybe that is already happening. But it is growth without jobs — yet another jobless recovery, like the last two, this time on a giant scale. We came out of the 2001 recession into a recovery in which fewer than 60,000 jobs were lost each month, on average, not the hundreds of thousands a month very likely to disappear in the recovery to come.

That is a political problem, of course, particularly if the nation is not yet adding jobs as the Congressional election approaches next year. Mr. Zandi estimates that the stimulus package is likely to generate 2.5 million jobs. The president’s Council of Economic Advisers put the number at 3.5 million by the end of next year. Either way, that is not much of an offset for an economy that has already lost nearly two million jobs since the stimulus was enacted in February.

Such numbers suggest that if the goal is a job surge coming out of the current recession, then another stimulus package is needed, and a big one, perhaps as much as $1 trillion packed into a single year of spending, some economists say. Consumer spending and business investment provided such a kick coming out of steep recessions in the past.

In their absence this time, job growth will inevitably resume as the recession gradually ends, but at a trickle, not a torrent. Health care and education seem certain to lead the way, with isolated help from the oil industry, pipeline construction companies, utilities, computer design firms and the federal government.

Mr. Zandi projects that once the employment rolls begin to grow again, in the second half of next year, nearly half the hiring will come from public schools, hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient care centers and physicians’ offices. Not that the numbers will be so great — on the order of 100,000 jobs a month, or less, for all these categories together. That increase is needed to care for aging baby boomers and a bulge in the population of young people.

Hotels and restaurants are also likely to expand their staffs as people relax a bit. And retailers, too, are expected to add workers cautiously, after downsizing hugely during the recession.

There might even be a surprise, adds Robert Barbera, chief economist for the Investment Technology Group. “Some new and exciting area of job growth may emerge,” he said, “although I can’t guess where that might be.”

Biodegradable Party Kit

Oooohh colorful and eco friendly...
Of course it would probably be even more eco friendly to just use reusable bowls and plates you already own... but it would be great for a picnic or outdoor entertaining!

Marfa Trip Blog

MarfaTrip Blog documents the work of 13 women who gathered in Marfa,TX to "get together, form relationships, support one another and create some incredible bonds of friendship." Their photos are beautiful and there are tons of them! Marfa is a place I've always wanted to go.... should have gone when I lived in Austin but it's just another reason to go back and visit Texas.
MarfaTrip Blog

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Urban Outfitters Customizable Bicycles

For $399 you can customize and build a Republic bike from Urban Outfitters

Main Title Emmy Nominations

True Blood makes my Sunday evenings so I was pleasantly surprised when it was nominated for it's amazing opening credits.
The nominees for a 2009 Emmy award in Outstanding Main Title Design....
True Blood (HBO)

TRUE BLOOD from Tiago Ribeiro on Vimeo.

Taking Chance (HBO)

United States Of Tara (Showtime)

Storymakers (AMC)

Lie To Me (FOX) – Video not available

(via votionographer)

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Be back soon...

Hey everybody... sorry I've been on a little hiatus the past week and a half. I'll be back in full force on Monday with a recap of the past week's adventures. Cheers!

The MILK Shop

In LA?
Check out The Milk Shop!
If you have a serious sweet tooth, try the hungry caterpillar cake!

Or test out their Ice Cream Sundae Bar...
Check out their website and be prepared to drool :)


It's almost that time of the year again... COLLEGE FOOTBALL SEASON!

As most know, Colt McCoy will be returning to Texas for another year even though the door to the NFL was wide open.

And his reasoning: "I came back to win, I think we have a great chance." Read the USA Today article on him here.


The Crêpes ::: What Else?

Dan Lissvik (Studio) + Fredrik Lindson (The Embassy) = The Crêpes !!!

The Crêpes ::: What Else?

Thursday, July 23, 2009


RELEASE: 9.22.09

Volcano Choir is an assembly of Wisconsinites Jon Mueller, Chris Rosenau, Jim Schoenecker, Daniel Spack, Justin Vernon, and Thomas Wincek. You might find these old friends also frequenting records and stages under different monikers, Collections of Colonies of Bees and Bon Iver. The collaboration predates the meteoric rise of Justin Vernon's Bon Iver project, with original songwriting dating back to the summer of 2005, right around the time the Bees first toured with Vernon's previous band DeYarmond Edison.

"We started collaborating three years ago and just this year we started to realize we had nine or 10 tracks almost done. I sing on it, but there aren't a lot of lyrics-- it's definitely more on the experimental side of things." - JUSTIN VERNON

Happy Day!

via: here

New Imogen Heap

I was addicted to Imogen Heap's music about 5 years back. So much so, I overplayed her 'Speak for Yourself' album and still can't quite listen to it. I distinctly remember listening to it on repeat over Christmas break during my freshman year of college. And then began the endless placements of 2 of her songs (Just for Now and Hide and Seek) in every movie and TV show. However she has a new LP 'Ellipse' coming out that I can't wait to get my hands on!

In case you didn't know, she's also half of Frou Frou (remember Let Go in Garden State and The Holiday?).

Here's a video for her new song Canvas. ENJOY!

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Cougar Town

and Courtney Cox is back...

Monday, July 20, 2009


it's interesting how quickly these actresses go from one canceled show to the next...

here's one about 3 witches coming this fall

Neufvoin ::: Robot

[mp3] neufvoin ::: robot

Neufvoin are an up-and-coming indie band who create beautifully-arranged catchy pop melodies with guitars, synthesizer textures and a few other instruments. Apparently, they also like playing with bots and droids. Robot is taken from their debut Robokop EP, six songs produced by Rubik frontman Artturi Taira that journey many different musical landscapes. (Music Alliance Pact)

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forty-five thoughts for my daughter and my virtual daughters

forty-five thoughts for my daughter and my virtual daughters
By Francesca Lia Block.

i always believed if i had blond hair, pixie face
big breasts
everything would be all right
not realizing that culturally idolized beauty
is not only foolproof
but potentially dangerous

if you believe in your own unconventional beauty
when you are young
you will accomplish twice as much and suffer half so

turn off lightbulbs and light a candle

walk don’t drive

plant a tree

wear sunscreen

dancing is an antidepressant

kindness is the new status symbol

every day please try to eat something green
and something orange
that grow out of the ground

tell me how mad you are
that your father and i parted
i will always listen
though i can’t ever take away the pain

expectations are for what you yourself create

they rarely work when applied to others

turn off the television

tv is a depressant

yoga is an antidepressant

don’t feel guilty about wanting pretty things

they would not be so alluring
if you weren’t supposed to want them
just don’t value them over compassion

use your words even when you are a grown-up
and people no longer think it is entirely acceptable
when you say, that hurt my feelings

if you can digest chocolate eat it sometimes

same goes for ice cream
(i don’t really need to tell you those things do i?)

do your homework because it is part of the game but

don’t spend too much time worrying about grades

fall in love with someone kind who loves your body
and your mind

if you have a dream that won’t let you go, that
tickles your solar plexus, heed it

turn dark feelings into paintings or poetry
or dancing

music is a kind of food

if you are sad talk to a happy woman who loves you
it will always help

move your body when you are sad or angry

avoid the following:
genetically modified ingredients
sodium lauryl sulfate
mercury in certain fish
neurotic thoughts about food
(is that a contradiction?)

love your curls though they tangle
your pale skin though it can burn in the sun
your nose though it is broader than some
your sturdy legs and feet

forget barbie she does not possess imagination

remember you are a botticelli angel

the planet we live on is perfection

love her like a goddess

love yourself as her daughter

there is a planet full of different kinds of beauty

the idea that only one type of woman is beautiful
is blasphemy

of everything i brought to the world in these
forty-five years
you and your brother are by far the most astounding

because of this i will always love your father

matter never vanishes, only changes

remember that when someone you love dies

your round head on my breast when you were born
is the memory
i will keep with me when i leave this body

when i am gone i will still be near you

this is how i know: when you were born
it was not a meeting
but a reunione

via: galadarling

Short Stories Blog

Cute blog. Such a way with words. Here's a post from Jen Altman's Short Stories...

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California Facts

General California Facts

Capital: Sacramento
Entered Union: Sept. 9, 1850 (31st state)
Motto: Eureka (I have found it)
State Colors: Blue and gold
State Song: I Love You, California
Nickname: Golden State

California Facts, Government

Governor: Arnold Schwarzenegger
Senators: Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein

State Symbols

Flower: Golden poppy
Tree: California redwood
Bird: California valley quail
Animal: California grizzly bear (1953)
Fish: California golden trout (1947)

California Facts, State Geography

Land area: 155,973 sq mi. (403,970 sq km)
Water area: 7,734 sq mi
Coastline: 840 mi
Highest point: Mt. Whitney - 14,494 ft
Lowest point: Death Valley - 282 ft below sea level
Geographic center of state: In Madera Co., 35 mi. NE of Madera
Number of counties: 58
Largest county by population: Los Angeles
Largest county by area San Bernardino, 20,062 sq mi.

Some Interesting California Facts

  • California is the most populous state in the U. S. One out of every eight people live here.
  • Only Alaska and Texas have a larger land area than the state of California.
  • Three out of ten of the largest U. S. cities are in the state of California: Los Angeles, San Diego and San Jose.
  • California is the country's top agricultural state, growing half of the food for the country. Almost all almonds, artichokes, dates, figs, kiwifruit, olives, persimmons, pistachios, prunes, raisins, clovers, and walnuts are grown in California.
  • California contains the lowest and the highest points in the continental U. S. You can travel from 282 feet below sea level in Death Valley to 14,494-foot Mount Whitney in less than a day.
  • California is home to the oldest, largest and tallest living things. The bristlecone pines of the eastern Sierras are 4,600 years old, General Sherman Tree in Sequoia National Park is the largest and California coastal redwoods are the tallest.

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The Championship ::: Ferris Wheel

This week's obsession:

It kind of reminds me of a lazy summer afternoon on the lake in Austin...

Listen and download their mp3 on MOKB.

Check them out here.

Villa Permutih

"An Extraordinary Escape is waiting for you in Bali. A Spectacularly designed House in a stunning Balinese Ocean Front setting, Villa Pemutih provides equal measures of Pure Indulgence and Relaxation. The Rural Retreat you've always dreamed of but within easy reach of Bali's hustle and bustle."

How I would love to be there right now...

San Diego Rooftop Pool Parties

interventionsd.comPros: With an honest effort to make the pool area and its surroundings look and feel like a rock star haven, Intervention is the place for music lovers and wannabe idols.
Cons: Although it might seem like an oasis marked with gorgeous women and men who idolize the likes of Rafael Palmero and Barry Bonds, if you aren’t ready to be seen or judged, don’t come here. This is a haven for those who want to flaunt what they have, so be sure you are bringing something to the table.

Pros: If you’re into contemporary furniture and contemporary company, Euphoria is the place to be. With wrap-around views of downtown, it’s a haven for the hipsters who want nothing more to relax with big sunglasses and a mojito in hand — and the staff here understands that.
Cons: Price, cost and affordability are three words you should never even think about when coming here. If you do, it could be torture. Any money you bring is already lost, so just suck it up and have fun with it. So what if a drink is $15? At least you’re drinking it next to the go-go dancers that make the top of the bar their home.

kinlounge.comPros: As if the beautiful clientele wasn’t enough of a reason to go, the view of the harbor is second to none. Partying poolside with ocean views in the distance is the way to go, but if you don’t care too much for standing, you can try reserving one of the many daybeds or bottle-service tables.
Cons: It’s brand-new, so it has something to prove and has to do it fast. Only open a little over a month, Kin Lounge has already added a Silent Disco (partiers wear wireless headphones while they dance) to its event calendar, which was a bust, but hopefully SHINE will be able to pick up most of the slack for this new, lavish and colorful rooftop oasis.

SIRĚN POOL AND UBER LOUNGE AT SÈ HOTEL Cons: It’s brand-new, so it has something to prove and has to do it fast. Only open a little over a month, Kin Lounge has already added a Silent Disco (partiers wear wireless headphones while they dance) to its event calendar, which was a bust, but hopefully SHINE will be able to pick up most of the slack for this new, lavish and colorful rooftop oasis.
Cons: If you’re young and looking to get wild with your friends, this isn’t the place. Don’t expect skimpy bikinis and an outrageous clientele — this pool is reserved for people who simply want to enjoy their day in style. If you live anywhere close to the water, getting here is quite a challenge as well; expect a taxi fare.

via: san diego magazine