Sunday, May 31, 2009

Beach Boys

one of my all time favorite songs...
check out all the people in attendance. incredible.

Happy Sunday!

but where is the sun?

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Pick One

Once you realize this could go on forever, the novelty wears off but until then this website is incredibly entertaining.

Pick One

Radiohead vs. The 1980s
Superman vs. Dinosaurs
Chevrolet vs. Coffee
Gossip Girl vs. Hot Baths
Christianity vs. Conan O'Brien
James Joyce vs. New York City
Dogs vs. Democracy
Women vs. Hate

Be sure to check out the top 10 and bottom 10.

Sorry I'm Late

I love stop motion...

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have a FUN filled weekend!


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Due to aggressive fuel-emissions legislation, as of September 1, 2009, driving a Hummer in Vermont will be illegal.

Stat Key Co.

>Customizable keys from Stat Key Co.

Napa Valley

new to Napa...

Bardessono, 707-204-6000,
Bottega, 707-945-1050,
Cade Winery, 707-965-2746,
Calistoga Ranch, 707-254-2800,
The Orchard at Carneros Inn, 707-226-3441,
Ubuntu, 707-251-5656,
Westin Verasa Napa, 707-257-1800,

read more here

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gummi bear surgery

Heart transplant

Bear mohawk

Three heads are better than one

Limb transplant

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'BIG' style piano playing

Jack Johnson

In the summer of 2008, Jack Johnson led his crew into Europe for the Sleep Through the Static summer tour. It was the biggest tour of his career -- hundreds of thousands of people came out to sing along. Cameras were rolling, and in August, Brushfire Records will release Jack Johnson: En Concert, a collection of highlights from the run of dates in Paris, Newquay Watergate Bay, Berlin, Munich, the Netherlands and London.

Produced and directed by Johnson's manager, Emmett Mallow, En Concert features performances from Johnson and his band (Adam Topol, Merlo Podlewski and Zach Gill) as well as Ben Harper, G-Love, Mason Jennings, Neil Halsted and Matt Costa.

Check out the trailer for En Concert below. The footage Johnson surfing the Eisbach River in Munich is crazy!

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off to palm springs!

brooke and i are escaping to palm springs for the night!
recap on the ultra cool hotel when we can get back...


The Auteurs

"Hulu meets the Criterion Collection"

-n.  [thē ō-tûrs', thē ō-tœrs']
1. an online movie theater where
you watch, discover, and discuss
auteur cinema.
2. a new social experience.

Check out the new film site, The Auteurs. It streams dozens of old and obscure flicks, from Buster Keaton's Cops to Harlan  County U.S.A.—many of which were rescued from going out of print.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lakers Uniforms

In honor of the Lakers, here's a look back at some of their uniforms...

Trophies are Gold
The present Laker era has a home uniform that brings back the white numbers and letters, and extends the purple stripe down the side to the jerseys. Shaquille O'Neal continues the Laker tradition with three NBA titles so far.

Purple People Eaters
Some say the Lakers road uniforms of the 1980's didn't always have the jersey and shorts match the same shade of purple, but Magic Johnson didn't care, leading the L.A. to five NBA titles.

Tradition Continues
The gold has continued to be the Lakers' home uniform of choice, with a slight modification to purple numbers and letters in the 1980's. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar sky-hooked his way to the all-time points lead as a Laker.

Home Gold
In the late 60's, the Lakers moved to their now-famous colors of purple and gold, eschewing a home white jersey for the intimidating gold worn by Jerry West.

L.A. Script
Making the move to the coast, the Lakers dumped the baby blue for a darker, navy shade that Elgin Baylor wears here and proudly wrote their new home across the front of the road jerseys. These are the ones the current Lakers will be wearing on retro nights.

Land of Lakes
George Mikan lead the Minneapolis Lakers to five NBA titles before the team left for Los Angeles prior to the 1960 season. The Laker colors then were white at home and light blue with yellow trim on the road.






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Looking Into The Past

Photographer: Jason Powell
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Honeycomb Sculpture

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Oreo Balls

Yummmm.... can't wait to try.



  1. Using a blender or hand held mixer, mix Oreos and cream cheese together.
  2. Roll into walnut size balls.
  3. Chill for an hour.
  4. Melt approximately 3/4 package of white almond bark.
  5. Stick a toothpick in an Oreo ball and dip it in the melted white almond bark.
  6. Allow to harden on wax paper.
  7. Takes about 15 min.
  8. While waiting, melt about 1/4 package of chocolate almond bark.
  9. When Oreo balls are no longer sticky to the touch, decorate with drizzles of chocolate and white almond bark.
  10. I just use a sandwich bag with a tiny hole cut in one corner to drizzle the almond bark.

Tweeting Too Hard

"Where self imposed tweets get the recognition they deserve."
Hilarious and yet disturbing.

"I'm on a self-imposed drought right now, mostly because I don't want to waste my time with less than a perfect 10."

"Today is one of those days when I wish my life wasn't quite so interesting."

"OMG i was saying how i couldn't afford the gas to fly daddy's jet to the riviera this summer, and this barista totally rolled her eyes at me"

"I love how some dudes hate me for dating their fantasy girl, as if they were going to if I hadn't." (John Mayer)

"I find it hard to take Twitter advice from someone with < 500 followers."

"I'm pretty much the guy people go to for everything. I should be a search engine. "Did you Ed it?" people will say. "Just Ed it. Duh.?"

Ferris Bueller house for sale

For $2.3 million this glass house in Illinois,
the same one from Ferris Bueller's Day Off, could be yours!

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Brussels in Bloom

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Whale Wars

Whale Wars has become my newest obsession. The Animal Planet show follows Captain Peter Watson and his crew, all members of the Sea Shepherds Conservation Society, as they track Japanese whaling vessels that are illegally killing innocent whales in the Antarctic. Watson was one of the founders of Greenpeace but left the organization to form the Sea Shepherds when he felt Greenpeace became too politically motivated. It is incredibly addicting (and the attractive Australian crew members aren't too hard on the eyes). The next season premieres June 5 at 9pm.

A more detailed synopsis and clip below...
"In March 2009, when the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society vessel The Steve Irwin docked in Hobart, Tasmania, it was met by two dozen members of the Australian Federal Police. They were there to confiscate hundreds of hours of videotape, launching an investigation into what was one of the most intense and dramatic campaigns ever conducted by the Sea Shepherds in their 30-year history.

Those seized tapes and hundreds of hours of other footage comprise the second season of Animal Planet's WHALE WARS.

More dangerous, drama-filled and controversial than ever, WHALE WARS returns with a vengeance on Friday, June 5, at 9 PM e/p. Collisions at sea, harrowing nautical maneuvers, a near-death experience in an ice field and more aggressive Japanese defenses against the Sea Shepherds — including the use of Long Range Acoustical Devices (LRADs), sonic devices that cause intense pain and could cause permanent hearing damage — are just some of the highlights in store this season.

And this year, the Japanese whaling fleet suffered a deadly loss as one of its workers slipped and fell overboard (not during an engagement with the Sea Shepherds) and whose body was never recovered. Captain Paul Watson and Sea Shepherd offered to help in a rescue mission for the missing worker, but the whaling vessels claimed they did more to interfere than assist.

"I have always said that we would do everything we can short of hurting people to end illegal whaling in the Antarctic," says Watson, founder of Sea Shepherd. "We have done everything we could with the resources available to us this year. We shut down their illegal operations for over a month in total. We cost them money, and we have saved the lives of a good many whales."

This season on WHALE WARS, in addition to returning crew members Peter Brown (First Officer), Peter Hammarstedt (Second Officer), Chris Aultman (Helicopter Pilot/Aviation Director), Laurens de Groot (Deckhand), Ben Potts (Helicopter Crew) and Shannon Mann (Quartermaster), The Steve Irwin is joined by Jane Taylor (Quartermaster), Luke Van Horn (Communications Officer), Andy Perry (Leading Deckhand), Molly Kendall (Deckhand) and Laura Dakin (Chief Cook). These featured crew members help comprise the 40 international crew who spent the winter putting their lives on the line for whales."


"It ain't how hard you hit; it's about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. How much you can take, and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done. Now, if you know what you're worth, then go out and get what you're worth. But you gotta be willing to take the hit, and not pointing fingers saying you ain't where you are because of him, or her, or anybody. Cowards do that and that ain't you. You're better than that!" - Rocky

Paul Dempsey - Out The Airlock

Paul Dempsey - Out The Airlock

Engagement Photo

love this.

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


Beautiful photography from Mrs. French over on Bliss...

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History of Weed

With the season premiere of Weeds on June 8 (woo hoo!!!),
Showtime put together this short 2 minute history of marijuana.

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Origami Mobile

I love origami.. what a great way to incorporate an artistic touch into a child's room.

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Great Bloomers "The Young Ones Sleep"

[mp3] great bloomers :: the young ones sleep

Playing rollickin' piano-based country-tinged college rock, Great Bloomers astound with subtlety - delicious hooks, stunning harmonies, expert musicianship and songwriting well beyond their years

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Kaffe Bags

How cute are these branded items from Kaffe?

Felix Lobelius
handwritten by Felix Lobelius for Kaffe
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