Tuesday, September 30, 2008


My friend at work showed me this today.


Click here to watch the video in higher quality.

Just a little shout out...

Congratulations to my dad... after 31 years of hard work and dedication to medicine - my father will be retiring today. You rock dad. You're truly an inspiration.

Tuesday Music Picks

Billy Bragg and Wilco || "One by One"
Billy Bragg and Wilco || "Ingrid Bergman" --- I absolutely love this album...and my friend Jon let me know there's a volume 2.

Lykke Li || "Breaking it Up"
Paolo Nutini || "Jenny Don't Be Hasty" --- reminds me of moving to LA and the summer with Emma and Allison.
Clint Mansell || "Lux Aeterna"..my little brother, Johnny suggested this one. Instrumental.
Theresa Anderson || "Birds Fly Away" --- I can totally foresee this being featured on Grey's Anatomy.
Horse Feathers || "Finch on Saturday"--- Indie/Folk... gets me excited for the winter for some reason
Cary Brothers ||"Ride"--- I will always love this song... from LA

Monday, September 29, 2008

Afternoon Artist Rec

Friendly Fires || "Jump in the Pool"
- If you like Bloc Party, the Foals and Vampire Weekend, you'll like Friendly Fires. Another English band with a particular guitar-pop sound and some serious electronic rhythms. If you are in LA, they're playing with Lykke Li on Nov 3 at the El Rey.
Download the song for free here.

Monday Morning Memo

Happy Monday, the last Monday of September! Absolutely unbelievable.

I look forward to the fall months, mostly because I'm sick of all my summer clothes. Although, falls in Southern California are not particularly conducive to the latest fall fashions. But I guess that is good for me. And I know Brooke would agree with me on this one. Lately, I have found that my once extreme shopping habits have significantly declined, to almost non-existent. My first job, my first salary, my first time paying all my living expenses (well that's almost true), have all greatly curbed my 'on a whim' shopping trips. We have both come to the conclusion that the majority of our current wardrobe is a little too "college-ish". Yet, we can't transform it quite yet at this point in our lives.

We spent the weekend in San Diego at my parent's house. Our friend Taylor joined us, as to escape the confines of the Pepperdine Law School library. I was supposed to be dog sitting while my parents are vacationing, but I gave up and persuaded my aunt to take her on. Racing home from work every day was not really working for me. It was a very relaxing weekend. Slept in, watched Saturday football (the Longhorns destroyed Arkansas), consumed vast amounts of coffee, read all my mother's house/decorating/cooking magazines, waited for the sun to come out which unfortunately never happened, and lounged in the spa.

Our conversation quickly turned to how all of our friends are either engaged, married or in serious relationships (we are very much looking forward to all the weddings we will be going to next year). We are 3 single girls in LA. Meeting the right kind of people/guys has proven to be tricky. And yet we are in one of the largest cities in the world. How can that be? We even entertained the idea of eHarmony, but then decided we'd be the ones matched up with a crazy and kidnapped to never be seen again. So before we reach that extreme we decided we'd give it some more time...would make for some interesting blog posts though...

Friday, September 26, 2008

On a more personal note...

So I couldn't sleep at all last night and these were some of my thoughts…

-I've decided to take on a new outlook on life… be more positive, enjoy the outdoors more often, less talk and more action really

-I'm buying a bicycle/beach cruiser to enjoy on the weekends ….have to research on Craig's List or even buy a new one (gouge) Driving up to Molly's and cruising up and down the coast along the running/biking path sounds like the perfect Sunday afternoon....This one is kind of cute..
-I really want to see Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist as well as Woody Allen's Vicky Christina Barcelona sometime in the near future. Michael Cera+Stephen Colbert+Woody Allen might officially be the sexiest man ever. Call me crazy, that's fine.

-Recently watched my Netflix…Bella and No Country for Old Men. Enjoyed both … No Country was intense to say the least. It was the first time I'd seen it. I know I know but it was one that slipped through the cracks. Javier Bardem was as brilliant as everyone had made him out to be. Overall though, it was completely depressing. I'm exciting for the next two on my queue… The Diving Bell and the Butterfly- saw it in the theater…. absolutely wonderful. Beautiful images and incredibly inspiring. Exactly the kind of movie to kick off my new outlook.. and then another Coen brothers masterpiece - Fargo.

-I'm going to try cooking a new recipe every week. Probably on Sundays, however, I've realized that I only actually enjoy cooking when I'm cooking for others... friends in LA… get ready.

-My excitement is building for our friends Carley and katy to come and visit Halloween weekend! Also, our friend Cristian might come out and visit in January.. annnn bring the newest addition.. baby Austin!

-New seasons of Family Guy and Californication start tomorrow night! Seth McFarland was interviewed on Indie 103.1 this morning…seems like an interesting guy and relatively down to earth despite his insane success.

-I'm anxious to take a trip somewhere. I don't know when or where but the anticipation leading up to a trip and then the actual experience itself are unlike anything else.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Cheers!

How Much is $700 Billion Really Worth?

The dollar amount of Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson’s government bailout plan has been hammered into all our brains by now: 700 billion. But lest we lose sight of how much that actually is, Vanity Fair compiled a list of other things the lump sum could have been spent on.

Things that would be useful:
-Preventing 200 million foreclosures
-Paying back our debt to Japan, with enough left over for Luxembourg or Russia
-Paying the equivalent of 10 years of total international humanitarian aid at current levels, per Jeff Sachs's estimate
-Tripling the income of the billion people in the world who are living on $1/day or less
-Providing bi-weekly $100 psychotherapy sessions for every American for a year

Things that would be a wee bit Socialist:
-Paying for Social Security for next 40 years
-Providing healthcare for all Americans
-Buying Apple, Google, Microsoft and Berkshire Hathaway

Things that would be awesome:
-Throwing 100,000 lavish Las Vegas birthday parties with appearances by the Rolling Stones
-Buying Iraq and Afghanistan, with enough left over for Sweden (or 13 Iraqs, or 90 Afghanistans), measuring by G.D.P.
-Remaking The Dark Knight 3,800 times
-Buying 10,000 pounds of LSD, the most expensive thing in the world, per pound

Things that would arguably be a waste of money:
-Paying for enough ads for the next 4,000 Super Bowls (with ads at $3 million)
-Buying 10 iPhones for every American (with iPhones at $200)
-Fighting for another 5 years in Iraq and Afghanistan at current costs
-Buying every Mega Millions ticket at current circulation for next 180 years
-Shipping five roses to everybody on the planet
-Buying the publishing and music industries wholesale
-Remaking Titanic 3,500 times

Things that may come in handy when society collapses:
-Supplying at least two AK-47’s per person, including children (at about $1,000 a pop on the black market)
-Feeding every American on a Campbell’s soup diet for 2 years (at $1.29 a can)
-Buying 10 high-end tents for every American
-Providing a Tata—the miraculous, $2,500 Indian minicar—for every American of driving age

Things that would quite possibly suck the Earth into black holes:
-10 Large Hadron Colliders

(courtesy of Vanity Fair)

La Musique du Jour

Coconut Records is a solo project by Jason Schwartzman (based in LA). Jason left the band Phantom Planet back in 2003. Phantom Planet is behind "California", the way overplayed song from The O.C.. I love his song, "Nighttiming". Give it a listen or two.

The Gaslight Anthem's "The '59 Sound" sounds like a mix of Bruce Springsteen and Blink 182. They're based out of New Jersey and are relatively unheard of in the U.S. They are HUGE in the U.K. Check them out, I know you'll like them. Their music video is below.

Summer is officially over, but the Santa Ana Winds should be rolling in to So Cal soon. It becomes our second summer, hot dry winds, perfect to relax in outside. This song kind of reminds me of that weather (and my friend threatened to stop reading my blog unless I posted this song).
Don Henley - "Boys of Summer"

Thursday, September 25, 2008

StoryCorps Project

I first discovered the efforts of the nonprofit StoryCorps project earlier this year when I picked up this book waiting in line at Starbucks. The StoryCorps founder, Dave Isay, developed Listening is an Act of Love, a compilation of excerpts from interviews recorded by everyday Americans. Each chapter has a theme: love, family, work, struggle. There are even interviews discussing September 11th and Hurricane Katrina. After further research I learned that the project started in 2003 and since that time there have been over 20,000 interviews. With the help of a StoryCorps facilitator to guide and handle the technical aspects of the recording, family members and friends can interview each other. Each StoryCorps conversation is recorded on two CDs, one to take home and one to be archived in the Library of Congress. Interviews can be conducted in a StoryBooth, MobileBooth, or with at home StoryKit. This is one of the largest oral history projects of its kind, creating a growing portrait of who we really are as Americans. One story is broadcast nationally on NPR’s Morning Edition each week on Friday mornings.

Throughout high school, I would flip through and read excerpts from Tom Brokaw's Greatest Generation so I was naturally drawn to the personal story, letter, interview aspect of this book. So maybe it's not for everyone. But it was enjoyable to read... so much so that it's one of those books I felt I had to pass on...which I did to my good friend Mike with the intention that he would do the same once he finished. The September 11th and Hurricane Katrina interviews are indescribably powerful. It’s so important in the larger scheme of things to capture these stories and memories and this book captures them in a unique way. Most interviews I read are fail to make a connection between the interview, interviewee and reader. But with this book, the reader connects to the interview through exploring the relationship and dynamics between the interviewer and interviewee, whether it is father and daughter, grandmother and grandson, or two friends.

Finally, the questions provided on the “Great Questions List” is the best part. I’ve made it a goal to have my own StoryCorps interview with the two remaining grandparents I have as well as my parents. It might not be an official StoryBooth interview but I’ll set up my own style of recording session….one that I would want to last more than forty minutes. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had conversations with my dad in which he’s shared stories of his mother, father and childhood. I so wish I’d had a tape recorder all those times.

How would you like to be remembered?
Do you have any regrets?
What were your parents like?
What lessons have you learned from your relationships?
Who has been the kindest to you in your life?
What are the most important lessons you’ve learned in life?

photo courtesy of BarnesandNoble.com

"Nation.... "

I have a thing for these two men especially Stephen Colbert. I religiously DVR their shows and if I miss one, particularly The Colbert Report, I watch it online. I'm not sure I can actually pinpoint why I'm obsessed with Stephen Colbert.....Maybe it's his slight resemblance to my dad - Freud you'll love that one- or maybe it's the glasses or the endless amount of quippy remarks, whatever it is I look forward to the chance to enjoy his show.

Here's a link to yesterday's episode.....

To Alaska We Go...

Or, at least it's slightly easier to get to than Bhutan. No cruise ship for us. Just our North Face backpacks, some great hiking boots and nothing but the vast horizons, massive glaciers, soaring peaks and spectacular wildlife. We took the first step already, we ordered the Adventures in Alaska Discovery Guide. Conveniently they sent a guide on some amazing hiking destinations all around the world. One begins in the Swiss Alps and consists of a hike to the French Riviera (14 days) ... can you imagine? Back to Alaska... but seriously, the Alps to the ocean!

So Alaska... There are 2 hikes we are particularly interested in: The Arctic Refuge Hike and Ultimate Alaska. Both 8-9 day hiking trips, classified as moderate-strenuous. We're already packing. Anyone else?

Cheers !

New York Magazine

The New York Magazine is possibly one of my favorite go to sites. Besides the news, they offer some quite amusing TV show recaps. The Hills' headline last week: 'The Hills' Knows No Economic Drama. I'm sure you all watch Entourage: Ari's Rampage Best Thing on 'Entourage' in Ages. For those who are fans of Gossip Girls, check out this reality index they do for each episode:

‘Gossip Girl’ Tosses a Nairtini in Our Faces

As Real As School Starting the Same Week As Fashion Week

• Okay, we'll award points for it: Plus 2 for Lily finally coming home. And an additional Plus 1 for the fact that her version of "caring" for her children is overordering room service on their first day back to school.

• When Lily drops in on Rufus, he's on his way to go see Repo Man. Plus 9. This is totally realistic — guys like Rufus love that movie. Jessica probably has an ex-boyfriend watching it literally now. Yes, now. When he should be at work. And Plus 3 more for Lily offering to go see it with him. This not only gets across the writer's point, later articulated, that Lily is lonely, but shows us that she truly loves him, as we know for a fact that’s the only reason a woman would have for wanting to see that movie. Brava, Schwartz et al?

Continued here.

Cheers to Thursdays!

(photo courtesy of The CW)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Afternoon Photography


Cookie Madness posted this incredible cookie recipe today: M&M Oreo Chunk Chocolate Chip Cookies

In high school I used to buy the freshly baked 75 cent M&M cookies every single morning during passing period. I have yet to find a comparable M&M cookie since. Who knew a high school could produce such a fabulous cookie? Such a fond memory... Perhaps this will be my Sunday baking recipe.

Home Design Inspiration

Sixx DesignBeautiful home design by a couple who completely transforms living spaces.
Comfy. Cozy. Chic. Classic.

Interior Design: Kelly Osborne of See Jane Work

Something I snagged off of Design*Sponge.

Cheers to future home ideas!

Wilco & Dylan

Wilco and Fleet Floxes covering Bob Dylan's "I Shall Be Released".

Free mp3 here. All you have to do is pledge to vote in the 08 election, but you were already going to do that anyways. Not a bad deal.

Etsy items!

I just wanted to reiterate how obsessed Molly and I are with this awesome site. If you haven't yet, you should check it out. Etsy.com The whole concept centers around buying and selling everything handmade. It's my favorite way to find unique pieces.....see below.
Vintage Turquoise and Brown Belt
from FabulousFashionFinds

Large Owl Trivet
from PardonMyVintage

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lindsey's portrait

So my little sister Lindsey whipped up this watercolor painting the other day. I was at a loss of words when the photo popped up in my email. Obviously I missed out on the artistic gene as made evident by my attempts to "sketch" out a little something for a frame in my room....the results of which resemble floating heads and/or M&M people. (Picture to be posted at a later date, sadly some of you are already familiar with it). Consequently, I commissioned her to paint something for me as I'm in dire need to replace my "masterpiece" and something as beautiful as this would be perfect. Lindsey, you've inspired me to take an art class.....perhaps photography instead.

Cheers Linds!

Tuesday's Music Picks

This week's recommendations (a few of these have free mp3 links):

  • The Stone Roses - "I Wanna Be Adored" They were the next big band of the 80s... brit alternative indie rock ...
  • Soft Complex - "Sad Note" ... the real gem is "Sad Note," a breathy ballad strung together with lyrical instrumental passages (avclub) ...a hypnotic new wave-influenced sound that echoes the polished bits of the Smiths, the Cure, and New Order... (allmusic)
  • Over the Atlantic - "Starsign" chill... a great sunday morning song
  • Readymade - "Hengshan Reeling" 5 minutes of pure bliss

A few places you might find us at in the next couple of months...
Oct 20. Pinback at the Echoplex

Mad Men

I'm obsessed with Mad Men, for many reasons. The writing is witty. It's a picture perfect world of advertising agencies in the sixties. The women of Mad Men are glamorous and complicated. And then there's Don Draper, the heart and soul of the show. Draper sells lies for a living. He cheats. He is emotionally withholding, morally ambiguous, with a past he can't face up to, yet we can't help rooting for him. There's a genius in this portrayal. Jon Hamm stares into his Devil's Nest. There's a vicarious thrill in it. When we see people misbehave, sometimes we want them to get away with it.

If you are not watching it, you should be. It airs on AMC on Sunday nights.

On a side note, Elisabeth Moss who plays Peggy Olson on the show has been around Hollywood for a while. Does anyone remember the Disney movie, Escape to Witch Mountain?


Monday, September 22, 2008

Biggest story in 80 years....

The following link is video interview between Billy Moyers and New York Times columnists Gretchen Morgenson and Flyod Norris. Gretchen Morgenson writes the MarketWatch column for the Sunday NEW YORK TIMES and Floyd Norris is the paper's chief financial correspondent. If the video won't work properly, check out the transcript of the discussion immediately below the video window.

In the aftermath of last weeks financial disasters I failed to find an article/discussion that fully captures the gravity and repurcussions of such a historic event...until I came across this video. Although the discussion occasionally falls outside my scope of financial knowledge, the interview is easy to follow and summarizes the devestating outcomes.... the effects of which we will deal for years to come.


Monday Morning Memo

Can you believe it's the last week in September? October and the reality of fall/winter are around the corner. In honor of the changing seasons we'd like to highlight some of the things that get us most excited for the colder months.....

Marc Jacobs "Totally Turnlock - Teri" tote in Fools Gold

Burton's line of snowboards

Michael Kors 'Annabel' open toe pumps

Free People sweaters like this one

Burton's pom-pom beanie

Mammoth (Opening Day: November 13)

College football

Cheers and have a great week!
photo courtesy of nordstrom.com

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bob Marley

I will forever have an affinity for the timeless music of Bob Marley. I think it stems from my father playing the Legend- Best of Bob Marley And The Wailers CD continuously growing up. Actually, looking back on it, I think it was the only CD he owned. It played most winters while we were in Mammoth and it was blizzarding outside the car. So, as you can see, it wasn't just a summer-BBQ-outside type CD. The CD was seriously always waiting to be played.
Well, I snagged the Bob Marley and the Wailers LIVE at the Rainbow DVD at work today and thought you might enjoy seeing a song from the set he played.


Trek through Bhutan

Because we live for traveling... Bhutan is one of the adventures that stands towards the top of our bucket list. Tucked away in the Himalayas, Bhutan offers beautiful scenery, intense terrain, and Buddhist monasteries. The country opened its borders to tourists for the first time in 1974! Visitors are only allowed on guided tours led by Bhutanese tour companies. Independent tourists aren't allowed. My favorite part.. hikers can expect up to 14 miles of hiking per day! Now since Molly and I could consider ourselves "expert" hikers (aka I've been up to Runyon Canyon a handful of times) , I think this would be a great lifetime goal to fulfill. :-) In the recent year, Bhutan has gained a considerable amount of press coverage and travel talk. This now not so undiscovered place is growing in popularity, so as soon as we plan our next travel adventure, you may be getting a postcard from the Himalayas!
Map of Asia
Photo courtesy of lonelyplanet.com

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Afternoon Humor

Great quote from model Erin Wasson (Dolce & Gabana, Maybelline, Gucci, Chanel & others)...

“The people with the best style for me are the people that are the poorest. Like, when I go down to Venice beach and I see the homeless, like, I’m like, ‘Oh my God, they’re pulling out, like, crazy looks and they, like, pulled shit out of like garbage cans.'"

Etsy Pick of the Week

Truly inspiring and exceptional art. A mix of digital photo and paint.



Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The 405

Not too long ago, someone asked me why the 405 was called the San Diego Freeway. Downtown San Diego is 75 miles away. It doesn't even come close to the San Diego county line either. There really is no reasonable explanation for the naming of this freeway. After doing a little investigating this afternoon to find out exactly how this name came about, I can only conclude one thing. It was created in the early 60s, meaning the person responsible for coming up with the freeway name was smoking a little too much pot.

(courtesy of city-data.com & svresources.com)

The Getty

Brooke and I have been talking about visiting The Getty Museum. For one reason or another, it keeps getting pushed to the side. But seriously, one weekend we are actually going to go...

Here is a new ad for The Getty. The idea: "Take regular Los Angelenos, going about their business in typical situations all over LA, and replace their heads with art from the Getty. All to set up the line that a trip to the Getty "stays with you". (M&C Saatchi LA)

Just a Thought.....

So... a few weeks back this NY Times article/case "Perhaps Death is Proud" popped up on my Google feed. The former nursing major in me couldn't help but get really into it. Maybe a little depressing for a Tuesday afternoon... but a little perspective never hurts anyone. It's a quick read... make it all the way to the last paragraph. Cheers.


Tuesday's Music Picks

Monday, September 15, 2008

Friday Night Adventures in LA LA Land

As we are now part of the working world, Brooke and I live for the weekends. Seriously though, who would have thought sitting in front of a computer for 40ish hours a week (unless we have a scheduled office happy hour which we have a lot of) would exhaust me as it does?

We decided to meet two of our friends who are in law school at the Viceroy in Santa Monica. What a swanky, chic, modern hotel. I actually think it looks like a Motel 6 from the outside. If it is, props to the owners for hiring some creative designers to totally transform it. We met up in the Cameo Bar and ordered some cocktails and some appetizers (small portions, but very good). As the waitress came to clear the oysters, Brooke slightly tipped the tray which caused the melted ice to fall on her. Woah, you would have thought they spilled coffee on her with the series of events that occurred after this. The manager came over and offered her a business card so they could comp her dry cleaning. After we turned down his incredibly sincere gesture, we were graced with a platter of just about every dessert that was on the menu. We would have preferred if they just comp some of our drinks. The creme brulee was perhaps the best creme brulee any of us have ever tasted. Truffles with bacon ? Yes, surprisingly tasty.

If you are ever in Santa Monica, we would definitely recommend hitting up the Viceroy. Overall, great service and atmosphere. Valet is a little pricey, but they take credit cards and are extremely speedy. Also, make sure to check out the pool and bathrooms. Next time, we are going to finagle our way into one of the outside pool cabanas.


(courtesy of hotels.com)
(courtesy of viceroysantamonica.com)

(courtesy of forbes.com)

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Monday Morning Memo

Cheers &Rock'n'Roll... the blog that will take precedence over all other blogs...

We decided to create this blog as an outlet to express what we're most passionate about. In our transition from college to the working world we have discovered a whole new world of inspirations. Music, design, travel, restaurants, etsy finds, and weekend activities are just a small sample of what we hope to share with you. There isn't one specific focus because, well basically, there is a lot we want to share with you.

We will have a regular series of posts that will be published each week, as well as a few extra random topics each day. Guest bloggers will be featured throughout this blog's life ... you may even be one of them. We welcome any feedback (negative or positive) and encourage you to comment on our posts. So please, bookmark this blog, email it to colleagues/friends and add us to your RSS feed.

We are so incredibly excited for this blog and we hope you are too!

Until next time, we wish you the best!

Cheers! Molly & Brooke