Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Signs You Might Be A Sons of Anarchy Fan

Found this via Twitter yesterday (by following SoA's creator and showrunner, Kurt Sutter @sutterink) and just couldn't help myself. Honest enough, I started rereading Hamlet a few weeks ago so I laughed out loud (and felt weirdly obsessive) as soon as I read #1. And it's true, most days I do feel like a missionary (see #5).

1) You start reading Hamlet. You know, for fun.

2) If you weren't a motorcycle person before, you are now to the extent that you can tell a Dyna from a Softail Springer when you see them on the road.

3) In testy social and/or work situations you wonder to yourself, what would Gemma do? And for the guys, what would Jax do? And then you actually do it.

4) You can actually understand what Chibs is saying.

5) You view yourself as a sort of missionary for Sons of Anarchy. When you discover that a friend and/or family member hasn't seen it, you begin proselytizing the unconverted on the merits of the show. Bonus points if you tell them all that Katey Sagal will be robbed, just robbed, if she doesn't get an Emmy this year.

6) You label and evaluate people according to personalities of Sons of Anarchy characters. For example: "My boss is such a Clay about the monthly financial projections;" or "Honey, we knew when you started dating him that he was a total Juice."

7)You consider adding Nicholas Nickleby to your Netflix queue because Charlie Hunnam is in it. Either that or The Lady Killers because Ryan Hurst is in that film.

8)You buy a manual typewriter to work on your manifesto.

9)You download all of the music from all of the episodes from iTunes, make a playlist and it is all that you listen to.

10)You work "darlin'" into regular conversation in addition to "blow back" and "big picture."

11) You know how hard it is to get #sonsofanarchy to be a trending topic on Twitter and you still haven't given up hope.

12) You actually saw someone in real life in a cut and wanted to go talk to him but had to restrain yourself because there is no telling whether he was a Tig or a Jax.

13) Your plan when Season 2 ends? Watch seasons one and two straight through (because you totally saved Season 2 on your Tivo). By then there will be news trickling down from Kurt Sutter sitting on the top of Mount Outlaw about Season 3. Season 2 will be out on dvd soon too so you can bide your time with the special features until next August.

14) You know that, in a pinch, a skateboard is an effective weapon.

15) You divide the world into two groups: those who watch Sons of Anarchy and those who don't.