Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lost Recap

Oh how you have me hooked week after week. (And only now I've discovered that the hour prior to each new episode, ABC offers me a "pop -up" version of the previous week's episode)! After just watching last night's episode on DVR, I can't believe how quickly they're moving the plot lines along. I mean they're already back on the island? In true Lost fashion, this kind of move would take a few episodes... more deliberation.. should we? or shouldn't we? Last week it was "We need to go back" and this week they're back!? Don't get me wrong, I'll take it. Anyway here's a fun little recap of last night's episode from Television without Pity... Spoiler Alert.

The camera zooms in on an eye -- Jack's -- just like the pilot. He wakes in the jungle and hears a cry for help. It's Hurley! Jack dives into the waterfall-fed lake below to save him, and the guitar he's got with him because… he does. Jack and Hurley swim to an unconscious Kate on the shore and wake her. They're back on the island, and I'm back on the phone, trying to book a room at Santa Rosa.

Forty-six hours earlier, Jack, Sun, Desmond and Ben are with Mrs. Hawking in the Church. She leads them down the spiral staircase to her island-locating lab, which she refers to as the Lamppost, because we're not done with C.S. Lewis yet, babies. The Lamppost is located on an electromagnetic energy pocket (there are many) which the Dharma Initiative used to find the island. Mrs. Hawking, who amusingly allows that Ben is a big-ass liar, explains that the island is on another such pocket, but it's always moving through time -- so this lab was designed by a mystery man (Daniel?) to predict where it would be at a certain place in time. They've discovered a window back that will only be open for a short bit, and they must use it. Desmond says, "Are y' daft, then?" or something like it. He can't believe these people would be trying to get back to the island, warns Sun and Jack that "these people" are using them, then promptly leaves. I love you, you unique, precious, special snowflake, and I'm really glad you didn't get hit by that swinging Foucault's pendulum. Next time, please skirt its radius, m'kay? Mrs. Hawking hands Jack a binder full of flights and times and explains that flight 316 from L.A. to Guam will be their access to the window that lets them back onto the island, and they must be on it. What's more, they must have as many of the same people aboard and recreate the circumstances of Oceanic 815, as closely as possible, or the results of their efforts will be "unpredictable." She takes Jack, alone, to a back room and hands him a suicide note from Locke, but Jack won't read it, at least not then. She explains that John Locke's corpse is a proxy for Christian Shepherd's, and that Jack must give John something of Christian's. When he scoffs, she explains to him that this is a leap of faith he must take.

When Jack returns to the sanctuary, Sun is gone and Ben is praying (!!!) or pretending to. Ben tells Jack about the Apostle Thomas, and how although he's best known for doubting Christ's resurrection until he could put his hands in Christ's wounds, one of his more touching acts of faith happens earlier, when Jesus is planning to return to Judea (to raise Lazarus) despite the fact that his life is at risk, and Thomas says, "Let us also go that we might die with him." Ben then takes his leave from Jack, because he has to tie up some loose ends. Hmmm.

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