Sunday, March 29, 2009

Some of GQ's most stylish men (part 1)

Robert Redford
Wire-rimmed aviators are an essential accessory. They’re cool and refined, meaning they look right dressed up or dressed down.

Sean Connery
The little things make the man. Notice the cufflinks and the pocket square. But also notice that they’re subdued—white handkerchief, understated links. And the suit, shirt, and tie are also subtle. Look chic, not like a mobster.
Gianni Agnelli
If you can afford a high-grade custom-made suit, buy one. It will forever change the way you think about getting dressed in the morning. The perfectly contoured lines, increased comfort factor, and inarguable elegance are addictive.

Johnny Depp A tweak here and there can elevate even the simplest outfits. Notice the rolled-up sleeves, the neckpiece, the beat-up boots instead of sneakers. Small moves like these separate you from the pack.

Paul Newman
Go buy a white oxford cloth button-down-collar dress shirt. Now. You can wear one with a suit or a blazer, or with jeans, cords, or khakis.

Yves Saint-Laurent
Find a signature item and stick with it. Saint-Laurent wore a version of these bold glasses throughout his career.

Björn Borg
Long hair works best when it’s loose and easy. You don’t want a coif or a do—you are not a member of Poison or Warrant.