Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sarah Palin resignation

What the hell is she talking about? If you missed Palin's resignation ramble I mean speech check out the long winded 6+ minute video below. If you've seen it jump down to the diagram/humorous commentary from Deadspin's Tommy Craggs...

"Last Friday, Sarah Palin shrugged into her respectable Republican cloth coat and announced she was resigning from office. Along the way, she dropped a somewhat baffling basketball analogy, which we've helpfully diagrammed for you below, just as Palin described it.

First, here's the metaphor, from the text of her resignation speech:
Let me go back to a comfortable analogy for me - sports... basketball. I use it because you're naïve if you don't see the national full-court press picking away right now: A good point guard drives through a full court press, protecting the ball, keeping her eye on the basket... and she knows exactly when to pass the ball so that the team can WIN. And I'm doing that - keeping our eye on the ball that represents sound priorities - smaller government, energy independence, national security, freedom! And I know when it's time to pass the ball - for victory.
All of which would look something like this:"