Wednesday, July 29, 2009

UCLA's Slang Book

Bone up on your college slang with a UCLA book that spells out the lingo kids often use. Learn about fro-yo, the awkward turtle, bromances and walks of shame. Continue reading USA Today article here.

Some of the dopest words in UCLA slang 6:

Awkward turtle: Comment made in an awkward situation, normally not addressed to the one causing the awkwardness.

Blaze: To smoke marijuana.

Bromance: Extremely close platonic friendship between two males.

Epic fail: What a mistake! What a failure! Oops!

Fro-yo: Frozen yogurt.

Man crush: Guy that a guy believes he'd have a crush on if he was a girl or gay.

Roll mad deep: To go out with a large bunch of people.

Sister from another mister: Very close female friend who resembles a close sibling in feeling

Skrilla: Money

Spit game at; spit some game at: To flirt with (someone), try to get (someone) interested in you.

Walk of shame: Walk back home after spending the night with a guy.