Friday, August 7, 2009

Ooo, I want one!

Is Diana F+ the new Polaroid camera? Lomography thinks so.

It’s easy to get snap happy with the Diana F+ camera, the plastic (and fantastic) updated version of the ‘60s classic model. It’s a bit harder to remember just how you did it, considering that part of the camera’s charm is its off-the-cuff shots. By the time you’ve developed the film, you've likely already forgotten just what settings you used to capture the moment.

That’s about to change, with Lomography releasing the Diana Instant Back+ attachment. Fasten the box onto the back of your camera, load it up with Fujifilm Instax Mini (that’s the new Polaroid film, in case you haven’t tried it out yet), start snapping, and 90 seconds later you’ve got near-instant pictures.

The attachment still lets you have some fun with the camera—the double-exposures, split lenses, and pinhole shots the Diana F+ is known for still works with the Instant Back, only you can actually tell how your attempts turn out within minutes, rather than weeks. And to make the transition easier for those who haven’t yet been inducted into the world of Diana cameras, there are bundle packs, so you can get a discount when you buy a new camera and the Instant Back.

Polaroid film as we know it might be dead, but instant gratification is still just a click away.

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via: NYLON