Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday Music Picks

Billy Bragg and Wilco || "One by One"
Billy Bragg and Wilco || "Ingrid Bergman" --- I absolutely love this album...and my friend Jon let me know there's a volume 2.

Lykke Li || "Breaking it Up"
Paolo Nutini || "Jenny Don't Be Hasty" --- reminds me of moving to LA and the summer with Emma and Allison.
Clint Mansell || "Lux Aeterna"..my little brother, Johnny suggested this one. Instrumental.
Theresa Anderson || "Birds Fly Away" --- I can totally foresee this being featured on Grey's Anatomy.
Horse Feathers || "Finch on Saturday"--- Indie/Folk... gets me excited for the winter for some reason
Cary Brothers ||"Ride"--- I will always love this song... from LA