Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Morning Memo

Happy Monday, the last Monday of September! Absolutely unbelievable.

I look forward to the fall months, mostly because I'm sick of all my summer clothes. Although, falls in Southern California are not particularly conducive to the latest fall fashions. But I guess that is good for me. And I know Brooke would agree with me on this one. Lately, I have found that my once extreme shopping habits have significantly declined, to almost non-existent. My first job, my first salary, my first time paying all my living expenses (well that's almost true), have all greatly curbed my 'on a whim' shopping trips. We have both come to the conclusion that the majority of our current wardrobe is a little too "college-ish". Yet, we can't transform it quite yet at this point in our lives.

We spent the weekend in San Diego at my parent's house. Our friend Taylor joined us, as to escape the confines of the Pepperdine Law School library. I was supposed to be dog sitting while my parents are vacationing, but I gave up and persuaded my aunt to take her on. Racing home from work every day was not really working for me. It was a very relaxing weekend. Slept in, watched Saturday football (the Longhorns destroyed Arkansas), consumed vast amounts of coffee, read all my mother's house/decorating/cooking magazines, waited for the sun to come out which unfortunately never happened, and lounged in the spa.

Our conversation quickly turned to how all of our friends are either engaged, married or in serious relationships (we are very much looking forward to all the weddings we will be going to next year). We are 3 single girls in LA. Meeting the right kind of people/guys has proven to be tricky. And yet we are in one of the largest cities in the world. How can that be? We even entertained the idea of eHarmony, but then decided we'd be the ones matched up with a crazy and kidnapped to never be seen again. So before we reach that extreme we decided we'd give it some more time...would make for some interesting blog posts though...