Friday, September 26, 2008

On a more personal note...

So I couldn't sleep at all last night and these were some of my thoughts…

-I've decided to take on a new outlook on life… be more positive, enjoy the outdoors more often, less talk and more action really

-I'm buying a bicycle/beach cruiser to enjoy on the weekends ….have to research on Craig's List or even buy a new one (gouge) Driving up to Molly's and cruising up and down the coast along the running/biking path sounds like the perfect Sunday afternoon....This one is kind of cute..
-I really want to see Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist as well as Woody Allen's Vicky Christina Barcelona sometime in the near future. Michael Cera+Stephen Colbert+Woody Allen might officially be the sexiest man ever. Call me crazy, that's fine.

-Recently watched my Netflix…Bella and No Country for Old Men. Enjoyed both … No Country was intense to say the least. It was the first time I'd seen it. I know I know but it was one that slipped through the cracks. Javier Bardem was as brilliant as everyone had made him out to be. Overall though, it was completely depressing. I'm exciting for the next two on my queue… The Diving Bell and the Butterfly- saw it in the theater…. absolutely wonderful. Beautiful images and incredibly inspiring. Exactly the kind of movie to kick off my new outlook.. and then another Coen brothers masterpiece - Fargo.

-I'm going to try cooking a new recipe every week. Probably on Sundays, however, I've realized that I only actually enjoy cooking when I'm cooking for others... friends in LA… get ready.

-My excitement is building for our friends Carley and katy to come and visit Halloween weekend! Also, our friend Cristian might come out and visit in January.. annnn bring the newest addition.. baby Austin!

-New seasons of Family Guy and Californication start tomorrow night! Seth McFarland was interviewed on Indie 103.1 this morning…seems like an interesting guy and relatively down to earth despite his insane success.

-I'm anxious to take a trip somewhere. I don't know when or where but the anticipation leading up to a trip and then the actual experience itself are unlike anything else.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Cheers!