Thursday, September 25, 2008

New York Magazine

The New York Magazine is possibly one of my favorite go to sites. Besides the news, they offer some quite amusing TV show recaps. The Hills' headline last week: 'The Hills' Knows No Economic Drama. I'm sure you all watch Entourage: Ari's Rampage Best Thing on 'Entourage' in Ages. For those who are fans of Gossip Girls, check out this reality index they do for each episode:

‘Gossip Girl’ Tosses a Nairtini in Our Faces

As Real As School Starting the Same Week As Fashion Week

• Okay, we'll award points for it: Plus 2 for Lily finally coming home. And an additional Plus 1 for the fact that her version of "caring" for her children is overordering room service on their first day back to school.

• When Lily drops in on Rufus, he's on his way to go see Repo Man. Plus 9. This is totally realistic — guys like Rufus love that movie. Jessica probably has an ex-boyfriend watching it literally now. Yes, now. When he should be at work. And Plus 3 more for Lily offering to go see it with him. This not only gets across the writer's point, later articulated, that Lily is lonely, but shows us that she truly loves him, as we know for a fact that’s the only reason a woman would have for wanting to see that movie. Brava, Schwartz et al?

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(photo courtesy of The CW)