Sunday, January 18, 2009

Left Gun Jack

Check out Left Gun Jack.....a pop rock group originating from Los Angeles that flaunts an energetic and passionate spirit.  Grant Cook (guitar/lead vocals), Trey DeCamp (guitar/vocals) and Chris Magnee (bass/vocals) credit their formation to something more than fate.  In January of 2008 DeCamp flew into Los Angeles for a sales interview.  Before the interview began DeCamp struck up a conversation with Cook who had recently moved to LA from Chicago.  Remarkably, within a few minutes, the two discovered that new found friendship had larger implications than just a day job.  The tight knit group all hail from diverse backgrounds, but their varying tastes meld to form a unique brand of rock.  These guys are amazing!

If you're in Austin this upcoming Saturday the 24th...
 Left Gun Jack has a show at Molotov's downtown 
at 719 W 6th Street from 8-10pm.  

For more information and to keep up with the band...