Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lost premiere tomorrow

In anticipation for this Wednesday's premiere... check out a brief commentary from MSNBC's Ree Hines "Back to the island: It's time to get 'LOST' again"

Just as viewers got to know their flashbacks from their flash-forwards, “Lost” upped the ante by revealing that time itself is flexible, and island time in particular is a thing of its own. This odd tidbit became clear when a freighter full of foes pulled up offshore and experienced lag time between their island crew and the gang on the ship, as in the body of one member washed ashore long before he met his final on-deck fate.

In addition to that, some members of the crew, as well as island regular Desmond, suffered from a time-based sickness. This out-of-nowhere and fatal-for-most condition was marked by the afflicted’s consciousness traveling throughout different moments of their own life. Their actions during these moments could even result in changing future events. Sound confusing? It was.

A clue behind the displacement disease and time fluctuations came from one of the few friendly types from the freighter, Daniel the physicist. While treating Desmond, Daniel vaguely connected it all to an unspecified electromagnetic phenomenon, and as everyone knows, the island is a hotbed of electromagnetic activity.

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