Saturday, January 24, 2009

Reuse vintage calendars for 2009

As a result of the rotation of months and days in a calendar year, you can use calendars from past years. Spice up your wall with a little vintage fun. There are only 14 combination—including leap years—of months and days on the Gregorian calendar.

Calculating the matching years would be an arduous task, fortunately the web site lets you check which years are identical to the one your plug in. If you're looking to grab a vintage calendar for 2009, the chart below shows a few of the compatible years. If you're extra motivated you can even create little charts for several years into the future to keep in your wallet and always be prepared to snatch up any cool vintage calendars you come across. Some places to keep your eye out for calendars: garage sales, flea markets, eBay, Craiglist, and of course the garages and attics of your pack-rat friends and relatives.

1942 - 67 years before
1953 - 56 years before
1959 - 50 years before
1970 - 39 years before
1981 - 28 years before
1987 - 22 years before
1998 - 11 years before

(via Lifehacker, via WiseBread) (photo via Zawezome)