Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fear Me Not

This new film from Danish director Kristian Levring, best known for Dogme works like The King Is Alive, tells this non-Dogme story of a man and his pharmaceuticals. The man in question is a government worker who decides to take a leave from the office and relax at a country house with his wife and daughter; the drugs are pills he begins taking as part of a medical trial for those suffering from depression. At first, the medicine works...but soon enough he's getting to know his inner psycho, indulging bizarre sexual pleasures while tormenting his wife. It can get all get a bit campy and over-the-top (especially the finale), but the end result is an oddly moving, disturbing portrait of a very peculiar mid-life crisis.

Fear Me Not recently screened at the Tribeca Film Festival. Look for an official U.S. release date sometime later this year.

(via: Anthem)