Friday, April 24, 2009

Top Reasons People Love Facebook

Below are 944 Magazine's top nine reasons why they think people love and are addicted to Facebook.

1. It's the ultimate, sneaky way to secretly stalk your crush or significant other. Although we feel completely creeperish admitting it, how else would we find out that he or she had a run-in with the ex-flame and was "so excited to see them?"
2. As a preface to the next favorite reason -- own up to the fact that you do not actually have 1,187 friends. But you can feel super-confident pretending you do!
3. It's the non-nerdy way to chat with your friends who are also killing time on Facebook. I mean, do people really use AOL Instant Messenger anymore?
4. You can chronologically map out your life through photos -- whether you took them or not!
5. Screw eHarmony or There are three, free words to broadcast your datability: Relationship Status, Single.
6. For those in relationships, it's the perfect way to obnoxiously thrust into the public eye how cute you are together through posts and pictures. Or, it's the ideal way to display your bitterness by ripping it all down when you break up.
7. Where else on earth would poking someone repeatedly be accepted, or for that matter, viewed as flirting?
8. Wasting hours on hundreds of meaningless applications is just way too much fun.
9. Coming home to check your junk-filled email just plain sucks, but somehow seems less agonizing when it's supplemented with checking your Facebook!