Wednesday, November 5, 2008

America is Back.

The following post was written by my friend Mike and can be found on his blog "This is Not Your Voice." Cheers.

"This morning we awake to a world dramatically different than the one we lived in yesterday. The United States, a country formed as a slave-holding nation, has elected a black man to the highest office in the land. This literally could not have happened in any other country in the world, and absolutely nothing like it has happened prior to this morning.

Millions of people are going to spend time trying to wax poetically about the history made last night. As for me, I really don’t like writing cookie-cutter words, but I think all Americans should take some time to pat ourselves on the back. We live in a country of amazing possibilities–possibilities only real because of what we’ve endured as a people. That’s pretty cool.

Did I ever doubt this day would come? Did I ever doubt that America would be the nation to break this barrier and usher in a new era in world history? Never. (It happened in “24″ for goddsakes!) But, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be extremely proud of where we come from and who we are. One sentence kept going through my mind last night: “America is back.” (This was also drunkenly mass-texted to everyone in my phone.) Well, I think we are back. It’s a great day to be an American, regardless of who got your vote last night. We are the beacon that shines on the rest of the world. We are the envy of all nations. All those weighty sentences we’ve learned since we were kids turned out to be true.

Thank God I’m an American.

(LOTS more on this later. I need to check out of the Holiday Inn.)"

Mike you couldn't have said it better.