Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Man of the Year: Jon Hamm

Brooke and I are madly in love with Mad Men. Even more so, the alluring Don Draper. GQ has just named Jon Hamm Man of the Year. Talented and ever so handsome, Hamm swipes the Breakout title in their 2008 Men of the Year list.
"Hamm unsuited is kind of a frat guy, every inch the rabid sports fan and former high school football star. He says things like “Dude” and “Sweet” and “Dude, sweet!” On his head is a St. Louis Browns cap (facing frontward, thank the Lord). He looks like the kind of guy who is physically compelled to put on shorts the moment the temperature tops fifty-five degrees, a diagnosis he cheerfully confirms. Credit the totemic power of a suit, but he looks a full ten years younger than Don Draper, with about half the weight on his shoulders." Continue reading more here.