Thursday, November 6, 2008

Go Blue!

Blue is a movement.

It is a platform for sustainability that goes beyond a limited focus on the environment to put people at the center.
It’s awakening to understand how your actions affect the environment, society, other cultures, and world economies.
Blue is less about what you can do to make a difference, and more about the fact that you can.

Blue is interconnectivity.
Blue is not reactive, it’s proactive.
Blue is a heightened sense of consciousness in daily life.
Blue is moving from limits to possibilities.
Blue is making sustainability personal.
Blue is taking small actions that make a big difference.
Blue is creating our own happiness.
Blue is not replacing green; it is embracing it while moving forward.
Blue is working together to create positive change.

Green. It’s become the latest buzzword. And it has launched retail and industry leaders toward the unfamiliar world of sustainability. Blue influences not just the environmental dynamics of our world but also the social, cultural, and economic aspects too. We understand that if a billion of us around the planet took small steps to change the way we live and the things we buy, amazing things could happen.

Blue Facts:
  • Fair-trade coffee over a regular cup: Lift over 10 million families out of poverty
  • 30 minutes of exercise over TV: We’d be happier and live longer
  • One T-shirt of Organic cotton over traditional cotton: Keep 9 million pounds of toxins exposed to farmers and water.
  • 5 CFLs over incandescent light bulbs: Shut down 300 coal power plants, save $150 billion on power bills, save equivalent of 70 bags of charcoal per person
  • Reusable bag instead of paper or plastic: Save 200 billion bags from landfill. Millions of barrels of oil.
  • One 4 pack of recycled toilet paper over virgin: 13 million trees saved, 40 million cubic feet of landfill space, 4 billion gallons of water.
  • Coffee mug instead of paper cup: Over 1 million trees saved.