Friday, November 14, 2008

Gateway to Hollywood

Our friends Carley and Katy were in town last Halloween weekend.... as it was their first time to Los Angeles, we had the opportunity to do all the touristy activities that even some LA residents (me) haven't always done on their own (or since they were 12 years old). So of course it was raining on Saturday, so we took advantage of the dreary weather and headed town to Hollywood and Highland to scope out a cliche movie-star-home-Hollywood-landmark-tour. Our tour guide was legitimately out of her mind and we spent the subsequent two hours laughing and enjoying touristy Los Angeles.. ie. Rodeo, Robertson, Hollywood sign, Mullholland etc. But my favorite landmark Helen pointed out was the "Gateway to Hollywood/Four Ladies" statue located on the corner of La Brea and Hollywood. I have driven by the statue a number of times and I never knew or researched the significance of it. Well.... dear, sweet Helen informed us that the landmark is a tribute to the women of Hollywood.... Mae West, Dorothy Dandridge, Anne Mae Wong, Dolores Del Rio, and at the very top, in her famous skirt lifted post- Marilyn Monroe.

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