Friday, November 21, 2008

Bob Neuwirth/Dylan

I like Bob Neuwirth- he was Dylan's road manager in the 60s... I can't find a mp3 anywhere of two songs I recently fell in love with.. go download them on iTunes... "Biding Her Time" and "The First Time"

Speaking of Dylan... please go and rent Pennebaker's documentary "Dont Look Back" (sic) if you haven't seen it already. You won't regret it. Allows us to see a young Dylan, arrogant but completely brilliant. Bob Neuwirth, Albert Grossman, Joan Baez* and Donovan are also featured in the film chronicling Dylan's 1965 tour of the UK.
*Interesting dynamics between Dylan and Joan.. at the time of filming their relationship had been off-and-on for nearly two years and the decline of the romantic relationship can be inferred on film

Below are two clips regarding the documentary... the first is the theatrical trailer and the second is a scene I find most memorable.