Friday, November 14, 2008

For the Men... Alexander West

Alexander West. Do the men know about these custom tailored shirts? Any wives/girlfriends looking for gift ideas?

The founder, a former banker, was perpetually chasing the perfect shirt and after several trips to Madison Avenue boutiques, he discovered that a great-fitting store bought shirt matching his body type just didn’t exist. He was then forced to go the customization route. Faced with the veritable cul-de-sac of exorbitantly priced options or the traveling Asia-based tailors with little interest in customer service, the idea for Alexander West shirts was born.

The level of customization, construction and price makes going the bespoke route with Alexander West a no brainer. The shirts range from about $95 to $150, which considering the price of some off-the-rack shirts out there, is pretty great. Custom cuff links range from $110 - $125.

If you are in NYC, you are in luck. You can get right into the store and have your measurements taken. Other options:
- send in your best fitting shirt, which they will then reproduce
- visit your local seamstress/tailor, have them take your measurements based off Alexander West's measurement instructions
- take your own measurements! scary for most men, they offer the first shirt as a "test shirt"... if you aren't happy with it, they will fix it till it fits perfectly or you can get a full