Thursday, October 15, 2009

7 Secrets Only 2 People Know

1. The formula for Coca-Cola:
  • Only two Coke executives know it. Urban legend says they each only know half, but that's false--that part was invented for an old ad campaign. The original copy of the formula is kept in an undisclosed SunTrust Bank in Atlanta. To keep SunTrust on the side, Coke gave them some 48.3 million shares of stock as well as having executives from each company sit on the other's board of directors. Coca-Cola still derives some of its flavor from the coca plant; the same place that cocaine comes from. Due to the obvious drug related issues that would arise from importing lots of coca plant into America legally, only one company has government permission to do it. That company is Coca-Cola. So even if someone broke into the bank and managed to take the formula, they would never be able to produce an exact Coke rip-off.
2. KFC's 11 herbs and spices
3. The location of Oliver Cromwell's head
4. The Location of Lena Blackburne's Baseball Rubbing Mud
5. The Farmer's Almanac Weather Formula
6. The Subject of "You're So Vain"
7. How Do Sea Monkeys Work?

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