Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mini video profiles of interesting New Yorkers

Check out these mini documentaries by Revel in New York
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"a look at the city through its people"

Meet the Pigeon Lady, an East Village pigeon fancier who's been stealing pigeons from prized coops for nearly a decade. From drug dealers using pigeons to carry illicit messages to bird wars and the sociopaths who fight them, the Pigeon Lady breaks down the New York City pigeon scene and explains where exactly to find it.

Nini Ordoubadi is an Iranian born New Yorker who comes from a long tradition of tea blenders. An artist and interior designer, Nini channels her artistic impulses to create unique tea blends that do more than just taste good. With a nod to the ancient tea practices of Asia, Africa and the Middle East, Nini explains just about everything you’ve ever wanted to know about tea including its holistic healing benefits.

Ted Rall is the president of the Association of American Cartoonists, who's syndicated work has been featured in Rolling Stone, The New York Times, David Eggers' Might Magazine, Mad Magazine and Time. He is a two-time winner of the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award and a Pulitzer Prize finalist, whose controversies section on Wikipedia is over a page long.