Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How to pay for a date

one male's perspective...
via: the essential man

I’m old school when it comes to dating.

Guys making the first move.

Guys making the plans.

And of course, guys pay in the beginning.

While I completely understand a woman feeling a bit uncomfortable with a man paying for dinner in this day and age, please let us act like men a little. It also lets us know this is an actual date. If you want to throw us a curve ball and make us question if you’re into us, the best thing to do is suggest you pay for yourself or, gulp, go dutch.

Of course, there are a few ways around this.

1. The Card Check - Depending on how fancy the place is, you can arrive early and leave your card with your waiter and give them instructions for tipping. If the place is a bit more casual and/or the waiter is not comfortable holding onto your card, see plan 2.

2. The Bathroom Fakeout - Near the end of the meal, excuse yourself to the bathroom and slip the waiter your card.

3. The Quick Pass - Have your card secretly in hand and flag the waiter to come by, instead of signaling for the check. This allows you to pass your card to the waiter and not give your date a chance to protest, which is easier if he were to go get the check first then plop it down at the table.

4. The Early Bird - There will be a few occasions when the waiter will bring the check to you early and unwanted. This is not ideal, but still doable.

Take out your card, slip it in the checkbook and signal the waiter.

If she protests, insist.

If she protests again, suggest she can pay for dessert.

If you two ordered dessert, suggest she can pay for coffee/after dinner drinks.

If she really insists, suggest she can pay next time. Then next time, pay. She usually forgets.

If she does that annoying thing some girls do where they slip a $20.00 in your pocket when you’re not looking, buy a lotto ticket.