Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lakers Uniforms

In honor of the Lakers, here's a look back at some of their uniforms...

Trophies are Gold
The present Laker era has a home uniform that brings back the white numbers and letters, and extends the purple stripe down the side to the jerseys. Shaquille O'Neal continues the Laker tradition with three NBA titles so far.

Purple People Eaters
Some say the Lakers road uniforms of the 1980's didn't always have the jersey and shorts match the same shade of purple, but Magic Johnson didn't care, leading the L.A. to five NBA titles.

Tradition Continues
The gold has continued to be the Lakers' home uniform of choice, with a slight modification to purple numbers and letters in the 1980's. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar sky-hooked his way to the all-time points lead as a Laker.

Home Gold
In the late 60's, the Lakers moved to their now-famous colors of purple and gold, eschewing a home white jersey for the intimidating gold worn by Jerry West.

L.A. Script
Making the move to the coast, the Lakers dumped the baby blue for a darker, navy shade that Elgin Baylor wears here and proudly wrote their new home across the front of the road jerseys. These are the ones the current Lakers will be wearing on retro nights.

Land of Lakes
George Mikan lead the Minneapolis Lakers to five NBA titles before the team left for Los Angeles prior to the 1960 season. The Laker colors then were white at home and light blue with yellow trim on the road.