Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sean Hayes

While in San Francisco this past weekend, I had the fortunate opportunity to check out Sean Hayes at The Independent in Alamo Square. I brought my friend Iona who at the time had never listened to or heard of Hayes. We got there early and stood front row. I'm pretty sure she is now just as obsessed as I am.

Hayes lives the life of a proletarian artist. His music has been described as "Appalachian Ambient Folk Hop." Check out his myspace page to fully explore this gifted singer-songwriter. My friend Taylor and I used to listen to "Rattlesnake Charm" on repeat in college. You will too if you've never heard it.

Below is the video for "Flowering Spades" that he recorded for Pandora. It is well worth it to give him a listen. The second video is titled "Alabama Chicken". He explains the meaning of the name in the video. It's funny.