Saturday, May 9, 2009

Top 10 Worst Ads of 2008 - 5-1 CONT.

Hilarious... via AgencySpy...

5. The question is - do you really want to be this guy that Grey slapped up in their E-Trade ad? This is clearly a "dude" who has no life, uses the word "bra" liberally and is so far behind the technology curve even his Mom is embarrassed.

4. McDonald's decided that it would be a good idea to continue their aggressive push to black people. Yeah, yeah. But, whose idea was it to put an R&B song with some chicken Mcnuggets? Pair that with the whole narrative being about infidelity and I'm almost offended. Sure, you're so down with with the darker nation that you can poke fun at R&B, the drama of it all? Think not. Oh and - black folks singing about chicken is not cute. Got it?

3. Salesgenie's 1930s era spot during the Super Bowl spawned legions of press lines and blog mentions. People still talk about it. Oh stupidity and racism. Where would we be without you?

2. The "I'm A PC" spots make the list for one big epic fail of a reason: the celebrities in the spots are known MAC users. It took internet users a mere ten minutes to pull supporting evidence both written and video that Deepak Chopra, Pharrell Williams and Eva Longoria were unabashedly in love with their MACs. Oh Crispin. With all that talent beneath your doors, perhaps you need to hire a researcher or two.

1. By far, the most craptastic ad of 2008 the Toyota "Save By Zero" ad from Saatchi & Saatchi. The spot has inspired legions of haters, Facebook groups and even a letter writing campaign. Aren't you glad you aren't the CD on that account?