Friday, May 1, 2009

Test Your San Fran IQ

1. What is the tallest building in San Francisco?

2. What is the most common style of home in the city?

3. Who passed on designing Golden Gate Park?

4. What was the area now called Crissy Field originally used for?

5. Why does Market Street run diagonally across the city, instead of directly north and south?

6. San Francisco is the second-densest city in the U.S. What is the first?

7. What is the official name of the color of the Golden Gate Bridge, which has more recently been used for the logo and architectural details at the California Academy of Sciences?

8. What is the standard lot size of a San Francisco row house?

9. On the eastern side of Dolores Street, you see mostly Edwardian apartment buildings; on the western side, Victorian houses. Why is this?

10. What prominent San Francisco landmark was modeled after the Giralda Tower in Seville, Spain?

11. Where is the only Frank Lloyd Wright building in the city?

12. Which SF Art Institute alum spent 10 years as Rolling Stone’s chief photographer?

13. Which politician campaigning for national office said, “I love this city. If I’m elected, I’ll move the White House to San Francisco.”

14. Architect Richard Neutra is known for his work in Southern California, but where can you see his work in San Francisco?

15. San Francisco is known for its steep streets. Which two blocks are steepest? Give the two cross streets that frame each block.

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